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15mm ECW army from a friend.

A project that had a lockdown start. A great friend who moved to France a good decade ago to very successfully restore mandolins, was selling on some stuff. Among it, an ECW army bought some point in the late 90s for DBR but not really used. It was undercoated, had the odd bit of paint here and there (which I have kept to honour his schemes), but apart from that it was a blank slate.

With the advent of ReG, MeG's Renaissance spinoff, and a competition at Boards and Swords in November, for which I am also painting Manny's Catholic Germans, who was I to say no! Quick converstation with Iain at Flags of War, and he kindly rescaled some ECW banners for me too.
The bulk of the army is painted, just needs basing and standards adding now.

First four pike and shot units.
The greys

I admit, I was planning a 10mm ECW force, but getting these classics on table was even more satifying.

Blues (I know the pikes are a bit wibbly, but being almost thirty years old, it's okay, some were bent double when I got them, and I am straightening them over time)

Realised after the two test games I have had, under certain light the greys and blues become almost interchangable!

A few mixed jackets helps the 'not-professional' look of them

The greens, who have pretensions of being a good, uniformed unit (I literally picked up six bases each time from the box, if I got matching kit, it was a good day), note the officer transfered from the Blues.

Standard is unknown unit, Earl of Essex's army at Marston Moor

More wobbly pikes. Their new, deeper, box will stop that happening in future

The yellows, someone has cut down their pike for kindling!

The angle of the pikes made it quite nice to have flags going forwards

I swear I edged that flag!


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