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Mortiem et Gloriam at Campaign

A five game weekend of glorious MeG action.
Campaign is run by my local wargames society, and since I've been spearheading MeG there since the playtest days, this was our second year of the competition. Campaign works with three player teams, each playing in a theme.

This year's themes were 'Rise and Fall of Carthage','The Crusades', and 'The Eastern Lists'. Since I had a Samurai army ready to go, and last year Mark got the pick, I chose to put out my 10mm Samurai. Paul got out his Crusaders, and Mark took his Pyrrhic, and a pulled back halfway during game 1, so Pete Simpson stood in for games 2-5 (thanks Pete).

The list...
Basically, the same you've been seeing all this time, except with two bows instead of the firearm armed Tipo.

My opponents: Richard with Northern Tang, Alasdair with Northern Song, Robin with Xi Xia, Matt with Delhi Sultanate and David 'The War Doctor' with his Ming Chinese.

SO, I'm only the foot army then... And as f…

Battle of the Hop Fields - 10mm Mortiem et Gloriam Tudors vs Senguko Samurai - THE REMATCH!

Regular readers (are there any?) may remember Mark and I had initially fought this combination earlier in the year, and this was the promised rematch. It had been delayed by snow, but now, in the first days of May, Henry VIII, King of England, faced an invading army of Uesgui Samurai. We had swapped roles, this time I was the Tudors to Mark playing the Samurai, an army he had tried before vs Paul, and had some success, so this would be interesting... And it was! The Armies  Not QUITE the army I'm taking to Campaign next weekend, but close enough, A force of very good cavalry, and very good foot, packing enough shooting, barricades and spears to give anyone a headache. By letting Mark use it, it will allow me to fault find in my forces for next weekend.
Mark is an excellent player, who can take any force and use it to his advantage. All figures from the Pendraken Samurai range, except the general, who came from Dark Sword (long story, best not to ask).

The Tudors, based on the forc…