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Brighton et Gloriam, MeG Tournement. 10000 points, the intro!

This last weekend in January saw the first MeG competition at the Dice Saloon in Brighton.
Great venue, well worth a visit if you ever end up down there. A well stocked store, with plenty of good rooms for many games in their library, good food and drink, and also a video game area too. It was a popular set up, very friendly. Top all round.

Sixteen of us had entered, and there was a fair mix of armies. Unfortunately, a shelving disaster had knocked out one player already, so Simon Cook our glorious umpire and organiser had to bravely step up and play with his Ptolemaics. Ade Nash with his Mid Republican Romans is also missing off this list too.
My list, it may be rewritten when I get time, effort, or motivation...