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10mm Pendraken Mid Republican Roman Principes

Two units of Principes for MeG, 40 in each unit

Legio II Principes - veterans, hence the multi-coloured shields

Legio III Principes, not quite as veteran

MeG at Warfare 2017

Reading Warfare is one of the larger Wargames shows/competitions around the country, and it was MeG's first outing here, organised by the redoubtable Alasdair. 16 players with armies ranging from Alexander Macedonian, Romans, a lot of Far Eastern lists including 2 Chinese, 3 samurai and a Korean, and some heavy hitting medieval lists, including 2 Crusaders and a LOT of 100 Years War kit and Swiss.

Senguko Samurai, using Uesgui Clan. List below, no skirmishers, so therefore low PBS and Scouting Cards.
General's names: 'Fluffy', 'The Great Director', 'Father and Son' and 'Bloke on A Horse'

 Four games against four absolute gentlemen.
Game 1 vs Nigel Emsen with Takeda Samurai
Game 2 vs Ade Nash with First Crusade
Game 3 vs Mark Spratt with Early 100 Years War French
Game 4 vs John Skipper with his Ebay bargain Macedonian Alexandrian.

Game 1
Samurai Civil War vs Nigel Emsen.
Nigel requested a fully detailed write up of our game, so hello Nigel! Here…

10mm Mortiem Et Gloriam, Senguko Samurai vs Vikings

Second warm-up game for Reading Warfare, using Si Hall’s Mortiem et Gloriam rules (MeG) which we have all very much enjoyed this year.
I was using my Uesgui Senguko Samurai, whereas Nick was using his Vikings for the very first time.
So, sword and spear armed wallies vs sword and spear armed wallies*, what could possibly go wrong!
All troops are Pendraken; Samurai and Vikings all 10mm, and looking sweet!

The board, as Nick was defending, was ‘Very Dense Coastal’, with a waterway, which proceeded to swallow 6 pieces of terrain, hills, towns, forests, all submerged! So, for very dense terrain, it was really very open!
I had managed to get a hill on my back line, and a wood in the right flank, Nick got a steep hill on.
(Graham & Mark on the next table playing 40k)

A view down the Viking line, pretty impressive stuff Nick!

Turn one, I dealt the firsthand, and as the cards were given out, my Allied general’s cards had to be dealt face up, just in case he was unreliable.

He was!