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Sassanid Persians vs Early Byzantines - Mortiem et Gloriam. Round II

Last night's scrap at Milton Keynes. Me using my Meglomaniacs and Warfare list. Pete was using his Early Byzantines again, heftily tweaked from our last game. My Sassanids are unchanged since Derventio.
Pete was using 4 competent generals,  2 8 of Skutatoi foot, An 8 of Isurians 2 6s of Hunnic horse, melee experts,  2 6s of Devastating charge cavalry with melee experts, A small  4 of superior kavallarioi also melee experts.  2 4s of AVERAGE catafracts,  An average 6 of short spear melee experts kavallarioi A unit of light foot archers. So, his army out fights mine in many areas, this was going to have hard old fight. I kept Pete in the open & plains section of the terrain chart, as I was defending. He out-scouted me by 50%, 7 units out, don't mind that. That's my small cavalry units and my levy foot units then!
We both forgot our mats, so club cloth it was... The most important decision was the  night's choice of sweet, between Dairy Milk Buttons and the liquorice…

Mortiem et Gloriam, Imperial Roman vs Sassanid Persian

Another Warfare warm-up. My Sassanid Persians, unchanged since the last time, but against a completely different enemy. Mark's Early Imperial Romans. An army I have met, fought and been tonked by on several occasions. Mark is a good player, and I was not expecting an easy game. All his units were in 4s, 6 x superior legions, 4 x average auxilia (one with melee expert), two superior cavalry, and a superior lancer. Breaking on a 7, its a big force.
The table, Mark wanted 'Dense Coastal', unfortunately, for him, I controlled the terrain, dragging it to plains, and out-scouting him too. The coast stayed, nit much else did. A blurry terrain shot, my forces to the right.
My initial moves were somewhat limited, with 5 black cards in my hand, one yellow, two green and the rest white! I sent one small cavalry forwards, my large superiors moving towards the outer edges of the table. My catafracts were stuck behind without cards!

Mark sent his auxilia towards my poor spear, I tried …

Splash markers for Naval Thunder

Great game, but needs more splash markers
 And I had some spare milliputt, so here's another!

Three more.

15mm Sabresquadron: The Defense of Dorf von Geringer Bedeutung.

Tonight's game of Sabresquadron (also available from Timecast) was Nick and Nick with the Soviets, I was using Nick's West Germans, all figures by QRF
Soviets: Battalion HQ - T64 10 x T64 in one company. Full Motor Rifle infantry company in BMP1s Observer in MT-LBu
West Germans Company Commander and rifle stand. 2 x platoons, dismounted from Marders (three milans, three infantry stands) 4 x Leopard II 4 x Jaguar 2 Tank Destroyers 4 x Leopard 1A4 (in reserve) 1 stand AA (Red eye)
The table, a rather open plain, with crops (no effect on fire or movement) a couple of woods, a few low rises, and a line of pylons.The Soviet objective was the crossroads, my objective was to stop them!
1st Platoon deployed across the rises, Milans looking down the road.

2 platoon deploys in the wood, awaiting the inevitable. Company command takes a quick dip!

The Russians bring in smoke, right in front of both infantry platoons, three turns of blindness!

What sight lines?

The Soviets arrive, the jag…