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Final Warfare Warm Up 2018 - Romans vs Vandals, Mortiem et Gloriam

Cracking game vs Paul and his Vandals tonight. Our last game before Warfare at the weekend, and Paul's only chance to try out his list before kick off!

Paul chose to attack, and I forced the terrain out to 'Very Dense Coastal', however, my plan to close out the center fell short, despite 7 pieces of terrain between us!
Paul is a very aggressive player, so giving him manouver space was never going to end well. My plan was to pin with my cavalry, advance my auxilia through the town into a supporting position, and unleash my legions.
Paul's was to drag me out into 'Chaos Theory', where his higher manouverability and impact factors would tell in his favour.
I did out scout him by 10% though!

Deployment. Everything of Paul's is on horseback!

My cards were bobbins! If I either of my two flank commands had been allies they would have deserted then and there!

A cautious shuffle forwards, Paul come pelting in.

We rejoin the action a few turns later, as my catafracts…

Timecast terrain

Timecast's amazing marshy ground and rough ground.
Painted up really easily, look fantastic. Just finished these in time for Warfare,

Rough ground

Marshes, with added Vallejo still water

Thank you Mark and Barrie, truly excellent!

Mortiem et Gloriam, Mitanni vs Neo-Assyrian

Woah, it's getting biblical round here!

My second game(1) vs the great Andy Clarke and his beautifully painted Neo-Assyrian Empire forces.

The Neo-Assyrians (911BCE - 609BCE, or there abouts) are an incredibly hard army, especially in the chariot period of MeG. They have seriously powerful battle chariots, two superior units and one exceptional; these is massively powerful, especially when twinned with a legendary commander, they all also had skilled archers. His foot were better than mine too, one superior, all close (so get shove) and even count as melee expert. The Mitanni (c1500BCE to 1300 BCE ish) are lighter, lighter chariots, with the advantage of being able to break off. I had less well formed infantry, lighter in weapons skills; but they do make up for it in numbers, even if there is a 400 year mismatch!

Scouting cards, honours even, so I put out 4 units first as I chose to defend. The terrain was dense standard with a coastline, my plan was to limit the frontage of Andy&…

Spanish Renaissance Colonials in 15mm

Ongoing commission for Pete

More Spanish
Pikes and extra cavalry

Playing with shadows



Otomi Allies for the Spanish and Tlaxcalans.

Knights and general.

Close up

General with an arquibusier


'Get that out me face!'