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MeG - Senguko Samurai vs Rajput Indians with Tibetan Allies

Yup, did not see that combination coming, did you?
Neither did I!
Pete was using the Indians that he had painted for his late friend Mike many years ago, and decided to take a Tibetian ally! It must have been an interesting crossing of the Himalaya as he chose to fight in desert!
My Samurai were my default list, that I will, no doubt, be taking to Rollcall.

Pete's Irn Bru to the left flanking my Wine Gums as the army comes out the box... My Samurai anchor on a village with an ambush waiting.

Pete's army is a thing of beauty. Tibetans right, with Indian cavalry outside, and many light troops left. Nellies take the hill.

Pete advances around my flank, average spears vs charging lancer with FANATIC! Hold on, fanatic, that's Nigel's trick!

My elite cavalry, after a brief shooting match, charge his unprotected bows. This will be the second unit they attempt to munch, after losing half their number to bow fire. (0-2).

Fanatics charge, yup, my flank is in tatters!

We pla…

Derventio II at Boards and Swords, a 4 game Meg Competition Games in Derby

This weekend saw the second Deventio Mortiem et Gloriam competition hosted by the wonderful Boards and Swords shop in Derby. 

Over the weekend we had 22.5 players enjoying four games, the themes was any list from the Classical section of the Mortiem et Gloriam army lists. The range and scope of the lists was interesting, after last year, when pikes dominated the scene, this year saw the Roman lists dominate the field.
In no particular order, and with no allies listed: Ray Duggins   Early Macedonian Robin Spence   Later Sarmatian
Keith Spedding   Mid Republican Roman
Pete Entwhistle   Later Foederate Roman
Jeremy Howison-Haworth   Royal Achaemenid Persian (300 Inspired list)
David Parish   Spartan
Lee Sanders   Satrapal Achaemenid Persian
Richard Jeffery-Cook   Early Imperial Roman
Phil Powell   Macedonian Successor
Laurence 'Cid' Donahoe   Asiatic Successor
Will Denham   Dacian
Ian 'Manny' Mann   Mid Republican Roman
Stephen Stead   Dacian
Nigel Emsen   Spartacus Slave…