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Sabresquadron - Falklands - Battle For Mount Cardin

A fictional Falklands Fight.
Last night's Sabresquadron game. Playing the rules author, Nick. All figures are painted by me from Pendraken's British and Argentines ranges.  Rock outcrops, Roads and Rivers by Timecast, with additional hills and boulders from Products From Wargames, mat by Lotz, photos by Nick.

Bit close that one!
Photos are rare and patchy due to the embedded photographer being under fire (and my phone camera being broken, so Nick had to take some hasty phone snaps)

Argentine Brief
Capitán Pablo Alonso
The British have landed, but not without loss. A carrier and two of their landing craft are sitting at the bottom of the South Atlantic, and their landings are not going well.
After their initial attempt at breaching our defenses and a failed thrust inland, many of our counterattacks have penned them in. Now is our opportunity to strike a blow against the imperialists.

Sit Rep:
As of this morning, a British mortar platoon has been cut off from their lines. You have …

Order Of The Stick Miniatures

Not sure what I mean, try here...

Anyways, I bought these yonks ago, and as part of this year's 'sortoutthebacklogabit' project, here are the first batch...
Not sure what I'll use them for though.
The Order, plus the MITD

MITD and Demon Roaches

Roy Greenhilt

Durkon Thundershield

Belkar Bitterleaf, and Mr Scruffy

Vaarsuvius and Blackwing

Haley Starshine

Elan The Bard

Woodland Indians for Black Powder/FogR/Sharpe/ReG or any other rules set...

As requested on the Pendraken Forum, a batch of Woodland Indians in 10mm

 8 bases for FoGR/ReG

A small unit for Black Powder Battle of Freeman's Farm Scenario

And I decided to get my Warlord Games 28mm 'Last of The Mohicans' set done at the same time to.

That axe!

Hawkeye/Nathaniel Poe


Cora and Alice Monroe





The usual blurry group shot!

Warband - Battle For The Ford with three armies

"Boss, there's fresh green pasture across that ford." The leader of the centaur scouts reported to the Minotaur Lord Ky-Grox as he reclined under a tree, chewing the cud.
"Last time you told me that, there was a troll under the bridge!"
"It's a ford this time boss..."
"Great, let's get the boys together then."
"But there are Elves and Dwarves eyeing up each other the other side instead!"
"Dinner and a show, what else can we desire!"

We decided to do something different and dust off Warband, especially as Jarkko and John were both down the club at the same time!

My new terrain cloth from Loke, just because...

Three armies were involved:
Jarkko with Hugh Elves (all Pendraken), they're like High Elves, but nicer!
D6 + 2 general
D6 + 2 Mage
2 x knights with fierce, one was also a hero.
2 warriors with formed
2 archers with powerful
1 Guards archers with resolute.

John was trying out his dwarves for the first time…