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A Very British Civil War - First Two games at Leighton Buzzard

"Tommy, why the hell are we here?"
"Arthur, because in the current instability, there are ripe pickings to be had here, plus Leighton Buzzard is right on the Grand Union, so any conflict here will result in our shipments to Alfie being delayed."

A soundtrack that might be useful... 

Mort at Leighton Buzzard Wargames Club kindly invited me to try A Very British Civil War, using 28mm and 'One Hour Skirmish Wargames'.
Two games, two losses later, but it was top fun!

Game one:
A raid on Mort'sAnglian League as they try to restart a broken down lorry full of contraband. His men think themselves safe from the local, but a new gang is in town...

The terrain. I think Mort was rather taken with the idea of a playground in the action.

My view, plenty of cover to approach the lorry from.

Mort's boss and team attempt to restart the lorry (three picture cards from his deck needed on separate activation). Part of his gang lines the long hedge on the bend, the r…

Avar cavalry for Hammy

A few Eastern cavalry types.

Hammy asked me to sort some cavalry for him (after the Meerkats) and these were Avars, a warrior horsemen race from modern Dagastan and the Caucasuses.

The whole batch. Hammy will do his own basing. I added tradional Avar flags to their Kontos.

The light horse.

The heavy cavalry (plus one light)

Random side view...

Back view.

A MeG test game - Hausa Kingdoms vs Ayyubid Egyptian

A long trip for me, two streets across, and up the stairs for Wednesday's game...

A learning game to introduce Neil from the Leighton Buzzard Wargames Club to the wonders of MeG.
Neil had raided his figure collection (he is a pretty decent ADLG player) for a mix of Marmalukes and Sudanese that would for a rather beautiful Ayyubid army. Some of his figures are on ADLG double bases, but with MeG it matters not. Saladin would be proud as his forces cross the Sahara to exert their authority over his rebellious vassals of the Hausa kingdoms.

Two cavalry heavy armies meet outside a small village on the plains of Nigeria. An area of scrub on the left, a village to the top right, and an area of brush in the centre. The first deal underway. I position my foot in front of the village after outscouting Neil by a mighty 10%! I have already picked up my mediocre generals cards (right) and on the left my ally decides to comply. Phew!

First moves. Neil…

Gang Members and sundries in 28mm

An ideal hostage, from Red Star Coven and their recent Kickstarter (Add your own commentry about gangsters here)

After much consideration, I had to add a new character! SPG!
From Bad Squiddo'sGuinea Pig range

Street Wars, NY City, or is it a bunch of students from Bristol.
Mike the Cool Guy

Vyvyen Bastard

Very Metal!

Accidentally ended up with a second set, so they've gone off to join Mocaiv, a long time friend and wargamer.


Oh man, it's like getting really heavy man!

Oh, and Motorhead!