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Pendraken 10mm Korean War

10mm North Koreans by the mighty Pendraken.
FINALLY, got mine done (good thing too, I bought them for myself at Warfare last year, and bought some opponents at Warfare THIS year).

The whole company

Company command

Infantry platoons

(Command stand, 2 LMG stands, 4 rifle stands)

Weapons Platoon

Command, 3 60mm mortars, 3 81mm mortars, 6 A/T rifles and 4 LMGs

South Koreans next... eek!

MeG at Warfare

Wooden Spoon, this will be a fun chariot theme. The first ride of the three chariot books in a major competition. I was bringing my Mitanni, in the massive effort to show that in this 'scissor-paper-stone-lizard-Spock' period can be fought by the equivalent of a horse archer army.

Below in my list (and Cid's).
Now completely illegal...

The runners and riders for this competition. Cid and I ended up using EXACTLY the same army, exactly, down to every last detail! 

The first two games also feature shot curtsy of Nik Gaukroger.

Game 1:
The draw, I get another fight against Pete Entwistle after out tussle at Ribble Rumble. Five Hegemons is an impressive list, and Pete's armies are always beautiful.

The table fell as 'dense' and it's not greatly chariot friendly is it? Waterway, hill, a town, rocky ground and woods.

Yay, I out scout the Chinese by 50%

This one wasn't subtle, Pete deployed on his hill, and came through a wood, while I tried to keep my ch…