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Six Day's War - Sabresquadron

Last nights game at York House, Stoney Stratford. Mark Spratt, Brian Shipp and I were Israeli, while Dave & Dave were Arabs (Egyptians (their commander-in-chief was bizarrely absent).

The Egyptians had deployed in depth, a dug in battalion of infantry and a company of T-34s, somewhere in the Sinai Desert, defending a road junction at a settlement. There was a broad belt of mines, a road blocked road and a few rises between them and an Israeli armoured battalion of two Centurion companies and an infantry company, backed up by engineers and a Sherman flail tank!
The Israeli forces sent one tank company straight down the road to engage the tanks and infantry, while the infantry, engineers and second tanks set off left.
The Egyptian T-34s, dug in in a commanding rise, were eliminated by Israeli artillery and long range tank fire.
The engineers took heavy losses from Eigyptian artillery crossing the minefield, but being valiant professionals only broke AFTER the job was done. This allowed …

First post

Long time painter, first time blogger...
Hello and welcome.
My name is Will 'Mad Lemmey' Denham, mad wargamer, father of two girls, devoted husband to Jo.
Why now?
Due to my old hosting site no longer allowing links out, here is the start of my painting blog. The purpose is to show off the figures I've been painting for myself and others.
Have fun. :)

Now, how do you post photos from an iPad!!!