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Rollcall 2019 - MeG Eastern Themed Tournement - My Senguko Samurai did good!

Rollcall, Cranfield, 2019. A four game weekend of Mortiem et Gloriam, 15 minutes up the road.
The theme, Eastern armies, and there were 22 of us! What's not to love?
Who knew there were that many Eastern armies out there...

Here's the official round 1 Runners and Riders, sorry this one is a naff phone screen capture! The vast majority of these shots were snatched in the heart of the action, and occasionally blurry. Also, as some games got tense, I forgot to take photos, sorry!
Matthew Poole and Malay for me, interesting!
My list, basically unchanged from Warfare 2017, Campaign 2018 and Skull Rollers 2018. This is my default list, and you're all welcome to use it!
 The army has an absolutely solid core of spears, two units of foot archers, one amazing, the other... Well, you'll see! ;) It also has two amazing units of cavalry. Each base costing 314 points, that's more than some people's units! It makes a deadly strike force, I just wish it was bigger, sixes wo…

Mortiem et Gloriam - Mitanni vs Mycenaeans - a teaching game.

Last night, Andy from the Aylesbury club came over to MKWS for a game.
This is our first fight since late last year, as as usual we chose to fight in the chariot period.

Those sensitive wargamers who can't stand proxy figures or unpainted kit, please look away now!

My Mitanni, since the 2019 repoints, have lost the ability to have a legendary general, and a unit of foot, so I'm down to 10 units, breaking on 5! Andy's Mycenaean Army break on a 7. EEEK! BIG ARMY ALERT!

Andy had asked for a training game, where we could talk through all possible options, and I was quite happy to do this. It meant that the game would not be finished (SPOILERS) but we got through a lot of key concepts and ideas of how to fight with our two respective armies.

The difference in the armies:
Mitanni - lots of bow armed shooting light chariots. Some superior, some skilled. Very fast, manoeuvrable, and expensive! Aiding these were two units of multi-armed loose order foot, one unit of skille…