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MeG Imperial Roman vs Alexandrian Macedonians

The might of Alexander the Great vs a failing Roman Empire, who would overcome?
Wednesday night and Andy kindly came all the way over from Thame to play me at MeG at Leighton Buzzard Wargaming Club

Dense coastal terrain was generated, with (left to right) a coastline, a wood, a lump of rocky ground, a marsh and a vineyard (must find my vineyard, it's in a box, somewhere).

As close to outscouting a legendary general as you can get! Green =10%, Yellow 20%, Red 40%, so close!

Deployment. Left to right:
Romans: In the rocks hid my archers (loose, unprotected, combat shy, come on) and an average legion (flexible, shield cover, melee experts). In the gap between terrain nestled my exceptional legion and my 8 superior bases legion. Heading into the marsh, in loose, were another superior legion, and two average legions. Outside them is two units of Roman cavalry, one superior, one average, all melee experts, shoot and charge.
Facing them is a superior skirmisher unit with javelins, Alex…

15mm Lurkio Skythians for Hammy

"Tonight on the Great Leighton Buzzard Bake Off, it's Skythian week."

By pure coincidence, both Paul 'Dracostandard' Cummins and I have been painting LurkioSkythians. While I am absolutely sure his efforts will knock mine into a cocked hat, here is my presentation to the judges.

Hammy will base these himself, after I deliver them this weekend.

The whole batch. 

Heavy cavalry

Lurkio does a good mix of characters.
Rear view.

Horse archers (with a couple of heavies mixed in, as I was running out of sticks)

Rear view

Commanders and standards.

A view I am unlikely to see, Hammy's generals retreating!

For those of you who read morse, I hid Hammy's name on some of the shields...

Senguko Samurai vs Yuezhi - 10000 MeG

Yuezhi - who they? Basically, nomadic horse archer types that troubled the Chinese around the second century BCE, and on Wednesday night, somehow they made it all the way to 15th Century Japan for our fight. 10mm vs 15mm fun! Paul is an expert at using cavalry armies, and man this was going to be a tough fight as Paul trialed an army. My Samurai really don't do well against horse archers as I found out as Campaign two years ago...
 My deployment (I was never going to out scout Paul with one card vs his 7), we deployed in dense coastal terrain, with two towns, a coast line, rocky ground, woods, open terrain and jelly beans (from Aldi)

Paul swings a massive block of cavalry in towards the end on my line. they are flanked by light horse, supported by catafract cavalry and more cavalry.
Paul is channelling his inner Theoden tonight! 

My allies push forwards, and my cavalry tries out their new trait - 'dismountable', they lose their short spear, and gain an extra 2BW on thei…