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Medieval MeG - Early Scots vs City State Germans

Wednesday night gaming, it must be the school holidays!
Paul and I met, slightly belatedly, up at the Leighton Buzzard Wargaming Club (my youngest had football training until 7.30, so we were among the last to arrive), conditions were hot and sticky, and that's the joy of 15 middle aged men meeting in an average sized office space on a third floor of an amazing south facing building.

Paul was trying out a potential Britcon list, of German City States, while I reactivated my oh-so-successful-this-should-be-useless Early Scots that had come 4th at Out of The Dark Ages in the spring.
Regular readers will remember this is a horde of nothingness, mostly tribal close short spear shieldwall in 8s, with the odd 6 and two 6s of formed superiors and one 8 of combat shy, supported by Vikings (two more units of the same, and a units of 2 handed cut and crush superiors) with a unit of Norman knights (charging lancer, devastating charge, melee experts) and a unit of mounted warriors (short spea…

Mitanni vs Mycenians MeG 10mm

Mark and I, after a slight postponement, got our chariot period MeG armies on table tonight.
My Mitanni vs Mark's Mycenians, all 10mm, all Magister Militum, it's the way forwards...
The chariot period in MeG at the moment is a real scissors-paper-stone match up, with shooty skilled chariots (Egyptians/Hittites/Mitanni) vs Solid foot (Mycenians and Early Hopilties) vs Hordes (Nubians/Libyans). Mark's Mycenians technically are the better army, a real stone list vs my paper thin one trick ponies. Mark comes with long spear, shield cover and integral archers, I come with a mounted and shooty chariot force!
Well, nearer scissors-paper-stone-lizard-Spock really, there are a couple of other chariot lists that can be deadly...

Mark dominated the terrain with a well rolled strategic intercept, so chose to attack on my coastline. He also dragged the terrain into the plains, which was not great for my infantry (as they are all loose foot, which suffer against his chariot, battle char…