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Mortiem et Gloriam, Sassanid Persians vs Byzantines.

Last night's game, my 10mm Pendraken Sassanids (actually most of the heavy cavalry is from their Later Roman range) unchanged since Derventio (and not out the box since then either), warming up for Meglomaniacs II and then Warfare at Reading, vs Pete's beautifully painted 15mm Byzantines (mostly Essex). Rules are Mortiem et Gloriam, and great fun was had.

Pete kept the terrain where he wanted it (Very dense, coastal) and out scouted me by 90%, even though I was attacking! I had a bad feeling about this...
Dense terrain (three hills failed to appear due to landing on the waterway flank), a challenge for two mounted armies, but you have to learn to fight in the worst of it.

Deploying, three small units of cavalry hold my left, a small unit is centre, some skirmishers hold/loot the village, the bulk of my forces to the right. Not deployed yet are my superior catafracts.

Three units, through a gap big enough for one? Of course it will work! This was what I hoped would be a pinnin…

10mm Cretan Warriors

Extra for Graham's Dark Age Sea Peoples project.
Handed to me on Tueday am, finished by 7pm Thursday. Not bad!
62 Cretan heavies!

31 upright spears

Standard standards?

Moo who?

10mm Warband Fantasy - The Shrine of the Ox

John and I got together for a Warband bash last night. He chose his Dwarves, my eldest chose my Taurians, a healthy mix of Minotaurs and Centaurs.

D6 General (fierce, fear, powerful)
D6 Shamen (fear, powerful)
3 minotaurs (all fierce, fear, powerful)
1 Centaurs
1 Centaur Knights with impetuous, fierce and powerful
1 Centaur archers with parting shot

John's Dwarves
D6 + 2 general with resolute and shieldwall
D6 + 1 Mage
Four warriors with shieldwall
Stone Gollum

For some reason, the light was not right last night, so the battle was fought in the early dawn, our action happens as the dawn breaks!

We rolled 'Battle for The Camp', but after some sneaky terrain placement, John managed to run a road to the camp, which allowed him ways in. We decided the fight was actually using the camp template as a shrine inside a village. John realised quickly that Dwarves were not a great force for this scenario against a more maneuverable foe, either attacking or d…