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Mortiem et Gloria - Early Scots vs Nikephorian Byzantines

A quick dive into the Early Medieval lists for a teaching game with Dik. Dik had Nikephorian Byzantine, so I had a choice of Sassanids or Early Scots. Scots it was...
It's been so long since I've done one of these... Blooming lockdown. Dik came round for a socially distant game in my garden, the rain just held off, and we had a thoroughly good time.
Dik is a long time gamer from the mighty Leighton Buzzard club. Nikephorian is potentially a hard army, many choices of troops, and it is a cool army.
The table ended up being dense standard and two hills fell into Dik's side. Look he's got the whole boxed set!

But I managed to outscout him by 20%, so he deployed first. A mass of tooled up long spears, shieled wall AND shield cover, all armed with bows held the centre. Two superior cavalry and a light horse to my left, katafracts and thematic cavalry (lancers with shoot and charge bows) to my right. My Vikings went left, my horse and light horse right, mass of scots warriors (sh…

Mortal Gods

Footsore recently released this rather fun game, based around 28mm skirmish fighting in ancient Greece. Tried it at Campaign, then got a set for my birthday from Manny and Rob at Boards and Swords.

Picked up these two from Annie at Bad Squiddo games, Thea an Amazon hero, and her fairy friend scouting on guinea pig, because, well why not!

Turns out Ray also has Mortal Gods! He asked me to paint his stuff, who was I to deny him?
Slingers, Peltasts and light hopilites done, which finished Ray's Mortal Gods bits (just in time for Keith's order to arrive)

Light hoplites (shield transfers by Little Big Man & Victrix)



A musician, called Jeff

A spare base...

Ray's Heavy Hoplites and heroes from the core set, plus a Medium Promachos because I like the figure, I bought it twice and this one is now Ray's.

The heavies, 4 bases of.

With their veteran at the fore.

As the core set is meant to b etwo faction, here are two sets of commanders, including the Polymachos.