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Reantio et Gloriam - A test event in Oxford - An introduction.

This weekend saw Alasdair host a test event for Renatio Et Gloriam,Mortiem et Gloriam's Renaissance based sister version that will be published early 2020.
The reports for my four games
Game 1: vs Stephen Stead's Swedes.
Game 2: vs Bruce Rowlett's Heugenot French.
Game 3: vs Keith Spedding's Army of Savoy,
Game 4: vs Dave 'The War Doctor' Parish's Russians

 Over the weekend, 8 players played, 6 on each day. Unfortunately Nik was ill, so Alasdair took the break, and watched and umpired the games (and I couldn't run over his Iroquois in the open with Hussars). This also allowed him to answer questions, plug holes, take notes and work on some of the subtle and non-so-subtle differences that this new period threw up with the amendments he has made to the basic MeG rules, all while gently ribbimg us all about our faliures. By the end of the weekend we were sending him off 10 pages worth of changes! Nothing big, but all vital to the launch of a great rules sets.

Renatio et Gloriam - A Test Event - Game 1: Poles vs Swedes.

Game 1 vs Stephen Stead and his Swedes
If you want to test a Renaissance army, put it up against a great player such as Steve and a brutal army such as Swedes. During the Renaissance, this army was as close as you could get to a professional, elite force. However, it was fighting too far from home and no matter how good you are, attrition, disease and your enemies ganging up on you will eventually be your undoing - but not before establishing a near legendary reputation!
The Swedes have their own challenges to face. Superior (and even Exceptional) foot with high elan, battalion guns and the ability to shoot before charging in; superior cavalry, commanded shot, guns and dragoons. Yes they were small, but lethal!
 Yeah, ouch.

The table was a barren, featureless plain (Hi Nobby)!
Deployment: My foot, being completely outclassed, hung back. On the left my cossacks and Panceri looked at a juicy target of dragoon and commanded foot, while on the right both units of Hussars and Rayters lined…

Renatio et Gloriam - A Test Event - Game 2: Poles vs Huguenot French

So, sitting at the bottom of the table after one game, bruised but unbowed, my Never Victorious Poles march on, sulking slightly and demanding extra elastoplats!
The Huguenots were a Protestant sect in France in the early C16th, who attained the throne under Henri IV, and in the very capable hands of Bruce Rowlett, this was going to be a challenge.
What does this mean as far as the army is concerned?
Doesn't look much, until you consider there are 2 12s of Pike in there! That's HUGE, plus more and better generals than my mob, it has lots of interesting abilities, and worst of all, because the Keills count as double sized units, it breaks on a 8, wow. (mutter mutter).

However, my cavalry was better, and I out ranged him. Time to let the Polish foot have some fun. 😈
I forgot to take photos of deployment, oh well. My cavalry went left as Bruce had closed out the terrain on the right. Foot in the middle, then I thought I would try a Rayter on the right along with my skirm…

Reantio et Gloriam - A test event in Oxford - Game 3: Keith's Savoy

Oh, them...
Savoy used to be an independent Dukedom wedged between France and Italy, only subsumed to France after The Italian War of Independence after 1860 (and still a bone of contention between Italy and France), during the Renaissance it fought hard, but ultimately unsuccessfully. It's army was one of the smallest, but strongest around, using locally trained foot as well as the more usual Renaissance mercenary arrangements; it just did not have much luck!

Unfortunately, neither would Keith! 

The list is based around superior foot, and high firepower, low pike ratio shootiness. This was a job for getting the Hussars in quickly, and preying the infantry could survive the incoming storm.
Keith is a very good player of whichever ruleset he puts his mind to, a real gent, and, ironically, grew up in Leighton Buzzard only to move up to the West Midlands and then Shropshire, almost the opposite of me!  The terrain was dense, with protected flanks with woods, Keit…