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MeG Senguko Samurai vs 100 Years French

This week's game vs Mark, and he requested to try out his Medieval 100 Years War French against my Senguko as this was his worst pairing for the upcoming Ribble Rumble at Element Games  Stockport in November.
His wish was my command...

The terrain and deployment. Mark was aiming for open plains, he ended up in very dense mountains! Not often you get to out roll a legendary commander. Two villages, rocky ground, magic terrain, a wood, all landed in front of Mark's deployment area, with cavalry, not good for him!
Wine gums were chosen by Mark.

On the other table, Paul and Andy took Vandals and Early Franks, and in shock news, Paul lost to Andy!

Back to our game...
Phew, that was a close one with my allies!

Mark split his forces, one knights, a crossbow, his light infantry and his ribaulds holding the right, that I can live with. On the left, four units of knights, a unit of powerbows and another lump of crossbows. Difficult mix to deal with, was pondering how to win this one! Fl…

MeG 10mm Senguko Civil War

Mark had asked to play against my Senguko Samurai on Thursday, so who was I to disappoint him!
Yes, it's that exact same list that has done me so well.
Mark had bought his army a couple of years ago at Warfare from Kallister, so his were technically 12mm, but my 10mm PendrakenSamurai were ready for him! His are only just started, and not based yet, so don't complain...

Very dense mountains with open flanks, like either army cares about terrain being loose or flexible.
Minstrels were Marks choice, and bloody tasty too.

Better shot of the table, and chocolate. I outscouted Mark by 10% (one card each).

Deployment, cavalry hold off against each other, as any shooting will be yellow dice and lethal!
Mark has brought pirate allies on his left, and my Senguko internal allied on my right.

I push forwards with my allies, while my bows, in inevitable ambush, spring from the woods and head for the village.

It's not a subtle game this civil war stuff, as by turn 3 both armies hammer i…

Mortiem et Gloriam, London Grand Tournement, September 2019

Last weekend saw us troops down to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre (the very antithesis of most wargamers, for 14 of us, and about 990 other Wargamers of all types, to play games.
The venue, light, airy, decent beer (at almost decent prices), banked track, lots of seating and easily accessible from Leighton Buzzard. Just needed more toilets! I plumped for my present favourite, MeG, and the runners and riders were... And this is our global positions, I'm claiming Britain, so neh!
Why Romans? Why Imperial Romans?  Because I have an MA in Roman Military History, and I love the army. However, prior to this, the most powerful army in the world was lingering low down on the overall army ranking, mostly because I had not done well in previous iteration of the army, including dead last at the worlds a few years back. My aim was to boost the rankings of the army, a bit, hopefully!
My list.