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Ray's Russians

What, were you expecting T34s?

Again, no credit for the painting, I'm on new shield transfer and repair duties with these.
About 8 hours work.



All 36 bases in their glory
I now wants Russian cavalry of my own...

28mm Hasslefree Survivors

Two more Hasslefree Survivors, both inspired by the family love of Marvel films and TV programmes.
First off, the Black Widow, armed to the teeth and utterly deadly.

And Daisy (or Quake), not carry any visible weapons, as she doesn't need them!

After my first (and greatly enjoyed) game of 'Last Days:Zombie Apocalypse', and finding a pile of goodies including a hunting bow, I decided to buy two Hasslefree figures to up my gang numbers and to include this new equipment.
Two figures included Young Sadie, who bears a strong resemblence to the Slayer herself, and an archer in the shape of Laurie, who resembles a Mockingjay.
As ever, Hasslefree's service (and free sweets) were brilliant, and the figures painted up beautifully.

They go into action on the 4th of April!

Militia Miniatures Mercanaries 28mm

These are another Kickstarter from Militia Miniatures that I backed back in 2014, and have finally got the guts together to paint!
Thanks to the awesome Dougie Robinson for his technical advice on the paintwork.

Photos are from my phone camera, as my main camera is definitely fogged, and so they may appear a little pixilated!

The team

Bennett, in Cookie dough desert camo, and a hat supporting...






Granger rear view, so you can see the two different Camo schemes I used on him.


Blake in Multicam


Rear view to show multicam legs and desert body armour

Ghost, Ghillie suit over multi-cam

10mm Libyans from Magister Militium Commission

That Bronze Age Commission rumbles on, this time Libyans.
He does his own basing.



With a back view

Elite Guards

Archers with swords


More archers

The whole batch, caught in the headlights

Wooden Spoons for Campaign

A year later, this year's batch get added.
 The MeG spoons.

And one for Wintercon in Australia....

As is traditional, the Wooden Spoons for Field of Glory Renaissance
 Bonus points for naming the general...

And the Mortiem et Gloriam spoons

Last days: Zombie Apocalypse - Massacre site - Young ones vs two other gangs.

(Interior scene, student house, zombies still pawing at the window, looking bored)
(Vyvyan enters from upstairs, rest of students sitting round, watching static on TV)
Vyvyan: Well, that's bizarre, my eye has magically recovered.
(P)Rick: I'm allllllive!
(Others ignore him)
Neil: Oh no man! All our extra equipment, it's been stolen! It must be the politghost! Oh no, we're being haunted...
(Zombies outside look at each other, shrug, and continue pawing the window)
Mike: Don't stress guys, it's just the season 2 reset.
Vyvyan: Oh, I quite liked the eye patch, it made me look suave and dashing!
Neil: Katniss has gone out hunting, I did say we have plenty of lentils to last. Good thing our exchange student is here, she keeps calling herself 'The Slayer'.
Vyvyan: Good name for a band, I'll have to remember that!
Mike (to camera): I hate the way the BBC thinks that will attract a better audience!
Vyvyan: Bollocks!

 With both Chris and Andy available for…