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Skullrollers, Day 2, Senguko Samurai vs the Rest of The World

Day 2, and I'm on 32 points. I was in top slot, now I'm nowhere near...
Can I reclaim some positions?

After Paul and I had moaned all the way home, and back again, about the high qualities vs quantities of various MeG armies I set off on my fourth game facing Khawarij. No, I've never heard of them either!
An absolute vanilla army, cavalry with long spears, foot with shield wall and nothing else! Foot in 8s, cav in 6s, two allied talented generals, two competent. Utterly utterly dreadful example of meh! They make John's Feudal Germans look... exciting!

So, how to deal with this monster? Paul had been smashed by it yesterday, he advocated dealing with the cavalry. I tried...

Deployment was me trying to be clever, Hunter in a big straight line!

My cunning plan, try to nab the cav, and pin the foot.

My superior powerbows get flanked, inevitably really when you have 9 TUGs and your opponent has 13...

Cards were naff,  I could not respond to all these flank charges, or even…

Skulls Day 1, Senguko vs The rest of the World!

Three games today in a boiling hot warehouse in an industrial area of Daventry.
Hammy, you need air con!
It was 36 outside and warmer inside...
Anyway, rant over.

Three games of Senguko goodness as Uesgui Clan get involved again.
On the way, Bowie bids me a fond good bye!

Game 1 was vs Phillip Powell and his Maximillian German. An army of pikes (average and poor) and knight (1 superior, 2 average) and a tiny unit of bows, plus some skirmishers.

The table fell my way, in a massively good way, his whole table side was full of terrain that was not good for him, and my army is flexible.

But Phillip, the gentleman he is, took it with remarkably good grace.

My army goes down, out scouted by 70% is 8 units out of 9.
In case you've never noticed it, the card holder is deployment depth!

Phillip deployed in the gap between the mountain and the forest. Bavaia suits him!

Two of his knights come around the mountain to fight, I quickly dive my lines into the rough facing his pikes, and wheel my…