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Two Warband Games in a night!

Graham had asked to try Warband, and had plumped for Undead, requesting as many skeletons as I could muster, whereas I took my new Minotaurs.

Graham's Undead
Vampire Lord 1D6+1, with Powerful, Regenerate and Skirmish
Necromancer D6
3 x skeleton warriors with Regenerate and Skirmish
1 x Skeletal Riders with Skirmish and Regenerate
1 x Skeletal Chariot
1 x Dire Wolves.

My Minotaurs
Minotaur Lord  D6+1
Minotaur Shamen D6-1
3 x Minotaur Warriors
1 x Centaur Knights, with Fierce, Impetuous and Powerful
1 x Centaur Warriors
1 x Centaur Archers with Parting Shot

Game 1: Grudge match - generals gain fierce and impetuous.
Basically, we went for it, flank attack each, and charge! That didn't go well! Graham's riders and Dire Wolves chewed my Centaur warriors to pieces, one Minotaur refused to move. Graham managed to get a flank charge in on my Minotaur Lord, then frontally hit him with his Vampire Lord. Despite 7 dice of saves, two flank support attacks and all the dice I could throw …

Warband - Grudge Match

The rules were as a standard battle, but the generals gain firce and impetuous (glad I didn't buy that for my General) automatically, with the intent to 'off' the opposing general.
As the Finns say:Kauna ottelu 
 A three (and a half) player encounter on Thursday night, with Jarkko and Son as the Undead, Mark as Barbarians and myself with the Dragonmen.

Jarkko & Son Undead
Vampire Lord wth powerful and regenerate (D6+1)
Necromancer (D6)
2 x skeletons with regenerate and skirmish
2 x skeletal riders with regenerate, one with skirmish
1 x Dire wolves
1 x Bat Swarm

Chieftain D6+1
Shamen D6+1
Warriors x 4
Buffalo riders x 2
Scouts x 1
Sand Worms x 1
Berserkers x1

Mad Lemmey
Baron D6+1
Dragon Priests D6+1
Warriors with powerful  x3
Warriors  with fire & impetuous x 3
Knights with fierce, powerful and impetuous x 1
Ogres and Giants x 1

A few thoughts on those armies, Mark is a great fan of massive armies of low quality troops, hence the fact he has NO upgrades! Jarkko a…

Rebased and reinforced units for Warband.

Many years ago (well, 2013 actually), I was supply teaching at a lovely school in Milton Keynes. I ran a fun Wargames club for Year 6 at lunchtime.
Since the Warband rules came out, I have been (un)steadily rebasing units or adding to them on an ad hoc basis when I need them down at MKWS.

All figures by Pendraken, they just need their dice frames to finish off.

Jarkko's son requested wolf packs for his undead force on Thor's Day, so here they are... I also rebased two bat stands into one at the same time, because, well, why not!

Whereas Mark, one of my older wargaming friends, has requested 'as many low quality stands as possible' from the Barbarians. Who am I to argue?

I consolidated three warrior stands into one, and four stands of barbarian scouts into one archer stand. Pendraken have now replaced these sculpts with their much superior Barbarian range for Warband, which feature heavily in my army. Again, they need dice frames...
(The lovely new sculpts are here btw:…

Warband - The Battle of the Camp!

Last night saw a three way tussle at MKWS, John's High Elves, Jarkko and son using my 'Hugh Elves' (like High Elves, but posher) and myself with my Dragon Men. John General D6+2 (Perival the Inert) Mage D6+2 3 x archers with powerful 2 x spears 1 x Ent 1 x chariots
Jarkko General D6+2 Mage D6+2 3 x Warriors with shieldwall, resolute and formed 2 x archers with powerful 2 x knights with fierce, one with hero
Mad Lemmey Baron D6+1 3 x Warriors with powerful 3 x Warriors with fierce and impetuous 1 x knights with formed, fierce, powerful and impetuous 1 x borderer foot with skirmish 1 x Prismatic Dragon (her Imperial Majesty)
In the dark, the humans pitched camp, it was a good spot, right on the border of two elven realms, from here they could pillage either, and return with precious resources to support the Baron's realm. It was important enough that as dusk had fallen, Her Imperial Majesty had landed in the glade. Most men had only ever heard of her, but she now stood amoungst them, their s…

Taurian Army for Warband - NOW WITH ADDED MINOTAORS!

Oh, the Wargames butterfly has flapped her wings!
As I  was painting cavalry for Clive's Renaissance Commission, these were sitting, needing painting, I decided to paint the horsey types at the same time..

Taurians are one of the more interesting ideas in Warband, a confederation of Minotaurs and Centaurs, wild and yet civilised in their own way. They are an expensive, heavy hitting and mobile force, but small in number compared to others. I've had the force a while, but not painted, until now!

So, the Centaurs:

Charge of the light brigade?

Centaur Knights - well, why wouldn't they strap on armour? The shield patterns are an abstract of mazes.

Centaur Warriors - a more classical view of the human-horse-hybrids.

Really like Phil's sculpts on these.
Centaur archers - think classic hunnic horse archer types, with better grooming!

Minotaurs are now finished!

 The Minotaurs - Three stands of warriors, a Shamen and a Chieftain.

Three stands of Warriors
 The Chieftain

The Sha…