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The Battle For Benthe - 10mm SabreSquadron Moderns

Tonight's game saw a British Infantry Company trying to hold a strategic ridge outside Hannover against an approaching Soviet Tank Company, using Nick Overland's brilliant SabreSquadron rules..
All British infantry are by Pendraken, the British Chieftains and all Soviets are from Timecast.

A Google Earth shot of the battlefield, suggested by Barrie at Timecast, where he had been involved in an exercise in the 80s. This was only a small slice of the operational area, but looking at the terrain it was going to be fun. The Benthe Berg to the East is a densely wooded ridge, which overlooks a flat plain with the village nestling against it. The village itself had proved too tight for British armour at the time.

My attempt to recreate it with my own terrain, the moral of this story is... buy more 10mm Houses!

Nick, the rules author, survaying his lines of attack.

The view from the British lines. Majority of buildings and all trees from Timecast.

A British Platoon deployed to the Eas…

10mm British Moderns, a mix of Pendraken and Timecast

These are to supplement my Falklands British, and allows me to use them for SabreSquadron in West Germany 1984.
All vehicles were carefully camouflaged, then obliterated with mud!

Scorpion Light Tanks by Pendraken

Chieftain Tanks by Timecast, absolutely beautiful models. 

Reinforcements for Timecast Soviets!

The infantry will be very pleased, their battle taxis have arrived!

A recon platoon to add to the infantry platoon.

Close up of BMP and infantry

Grenade launcher with transport for the infantry.

 Artillery observers, one made by HQ figures, the other converted from a grenade launcher no2