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AVBCW - my Gang in progress

The foot sloggers are here at last.
Sloppy Jaloppy miners converted to Peaky Blinders.
 The BSA Workers Militia.
Lewis gun team, remember that one that went missing at the end of Series I? 

Shotgun armed Blinders.


Another view of the rifles.

A dynamite bomber and a watchman, scarf painted in Birmingham City colours as Small Heath is where City was founded (plus it annoys Pete, an Aston Villa fan).

Looking good.

This one is meant to be a standard bearer, but there are times a cricket bat is more useful. 

The Blinders standard, showing their allegence to the Labour movement.

Small Heath BSA Workers Militia, sounds very noble.

 The paymaster is revealed, not really Socialist, more... opportunist. Credit to Pete Barfield for the amazing flag! Thanks mate!

Reinforcements have arrived. I only muddied up the Bughatti, the rest I have converted.

Including Aberama Gold


Here's the work in progress so you can see how I changed them.

Aberama had hair and 'tasc…

28mm ECW for Pikemans Lament

A lock down project.

These figures were given to me by Mark sometime during the 00s! A real mix of Foundry, Essex, Redoubt and who knows what else!!

Mort at Leighton Buzzard Wargames Club got me playing, after I won a copy of the rules at Rollcall last year.

24 points of Pikeman's Lament troops.

So, the forces:

My forces are firecly pro-Parliament/independent (maybe)! Led by 'The Lion of the North' Lt James Whalley Esq., they are a rag tag bunch willing to take on all comers.

Proost Devlin Strengthening-Fields' Dragoons, his aim is to have them literate and employable after this unpleasentness is over.

Edmund's Ironsides, elite gallopers and uttely brutal when joined by Whalley himself.

Not sure why Mark - fiercely Royalists until late - had Roundhead heavies...

Baron Barry Bickerdykes Big Blue Bonnetted Boomers  - elite shot unit, verterans of many campaigns.

They found a supply of blue felt and had hats made.

Wupert's (no relation) Long Sticks - original…