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28mm ECW for Pikemans Lament

A lock down project.

These figures were given to me by Mark sometime during the 00s! A real mix of Foundry, Essex, Redoubt and who knows what else!!

Mort at Leighton Buzzard Wargames Club got me playing, after I won a copy of the rules at Rollcall last year.

24 points of Pikeman's Lament troops.

So, the forces:

My forces are firecly pro-Parliament/independent (maybe)! Led by 'The Lion of the North' Lt James Whalley Esq., they are a rag tag bunch willing to take on all comers.

Proost Devlin Strengthening-Fields' Dragoons, his aim is to have them literate and employable after this unpleasentness is over.

Edmund's Ironsides, elite gallopers and uttely brutal when joined by Whalley himself.

Not sure why Mark - fiercely Royalists until late - had Roundhead heavies...

Baron Barry Bickerdykes Big Blue Bonnetted Boomers  - elite shot unit, verterans of many campaigns.

They found a supply of blue felt and had hats made.

Wupert's (no relation) Long Sticks - original…

Mortal Gods, first games

A fire crackles, sending sparks up towards the stars, he looked around at the other fires at their campsite, and knew tomorrow night there would be less shadows around the flames, maybe even less flames. He had preyed to all the gods he could think of, he was meant to have a patron deity, but after this many years in the field, and countless fights, he could not remember which it was.
"Oh cheer up Polykratos, we've known they were coming for weeks, it's our job to stop them," A hearty hand slammed into his shoulder. Leandros was never one for gloomy introspection, "By this time tomorrow, the boys will class themselves as veterans, and you'll again be the toast of Thespia. The joy of being from Thespia, and not being aligned to the main belligerents in this eternal war, is that everyone seemed to think we are fair game. Maybe if they left us alone, and concentrated on each other, they might finally get this row sorted!" He chuckled, helping himself to b…

Star Wars Armada - Fighters

Been sitting on these a while, but though as I'm in an Armada mood of late, I might as well do them!
Rogues and Villains pack

Slave 1

IG-2000 (IG-88s ship)

Dengar's Jumpmaster

Moldy Crow

Dash Rendar's Outrider

Borrsk's Hound's Tooth

Nym's Scrugg Bomber

The Millenium Falcon

The Flacon flying the other way!

Last week, while up at Battlefield Hobbies, I succumbed and bought myself the Rebel Fighters II boxed set.

These are a mixed bag of fighters and freighters, all in Rebel service. While not as iconic as the X, Y, A or B wings, anyone familiar with the Star Wars Exteneded Universe or Star Wars Rebels will still know these snubfighters.

The whole set, not bad for two nights painting.

Lancer class pursuit craft, yellow one on the left flying away from us is 'Shadow Caster' flown by Bounty Hunter Ketsu Onyo

Two squadrons of Z-95 Headhunters, the venerable ancestor of the X-Wing.

E-Wings, from the post Imperial Era (first featured in Dark Empire c…