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6mm Wars of The Roses - Yorkists

339 figures, part of a club project for our chairman.

Hope he like them.
Dark and murky day, oh well. 339 figures for a group project.
Figures for generals bases

Edward IV (left) Duke of Glucester (Right)

And in reverse

Mowbery - Reserve commander

More knights for general bases

Archers from two commands

It's an awful lot of figures!

A Wooden Spoons

Another spoon, this time for Meglomaniaxs, a small comp run by Ray at his house (big house).

Two more Wooden spoons, one for Skullrollers in Daventry this weekend, the other for Wintercon in Australia in July.
I won’t be attending the second one, but I was honoured to be asked.
Skullrollers, which has Si’s skull based theme.

Wintercon, Introducing ‘The Night Kang’