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Pendraken Renaissance Heavy Knights and Command Figures

Graham's heavies are done, with a few artillery guards mixed in too.
Yes, I did try to do Heraldry on 10mm Figures! 😖

Heavy Knights


Hammer time!  French Sub-Commander and Guard

T'other sub-commander

 The King (centre) and Retinue (Anachronistic figures, but the Heraldry was fun)

 The King retires!
 French Artillery Guards

And a few mounted crossbows to finish the French off

10mm Timecast Soviets

The Infantry, who have lost their BMPs!

And the T-64Bs I Painted earlier this year for them to protect!
(Advancing at night - over freshly fallen snow, honest)

A quality shot
 Showing off basing...
 Huntin' wabbits!

Imperial Romans vs Golden Horde Mongols

Dux Brittanium et praesido par rura colit murum vs Алтан ордон.
All in glorious 10mm Technicolor.
Both armies were mine, Paul was using my Mongols as MeG Golden Horde whilst I was using my Bremainer Roman-British garrison.
Paul had four generals, two 6s of light horse, two sixes of unprotected cavalry, many fours of protected cavalry and four superior protected of cavalry.
My list was two 6s of cavalry (one superior), 1 6 of light horse archers, 1 4 of heavily armoured catafracts, 2 sixes of average limitarii Auxilia (Wall Hinterland Garrison), 2 6s of average field legionarii, 1 Auxilia Palatina (superior auxilia) and 1 Guard Legionarii

This was not going to be easy! My Romans would be out shot, all Paul's horse was equipped with the Mongol super-weapon of Powerbows, short spear/melee expert and a good chunk was superior, my cavalry was basically dead, the Roman's 'shieldcover' (ie Tursio) was also nullified by powerbows, I was a sitting duck!! So, I had to play canny..…

Polybian Romans

As described by Polybius, Triarii for MeG. 10mm Pendraken.
The elite of the army.

Saim Hann Eldar - now with based heavies!

Heavies are finally on their bases.

 Vampire Hunter Bomber

 Nightwing Interceptors

 Night Spinners Artillery

 Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank

Ongoing project, which saw their first outing last night (2-1 draw), and a brutal amount of close combat vs Graham's Eldar! Yes, civil was definitely uncivil!
All 6mm, Games Workshop.
Silver Spears Aspect Warriors