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Mortiem et Gloriam - Tudor English vs Senguko Samurai - all in 10mm Glory!

A fast and furious game, involving two of my 10mm Pendraken Armies. Mark chose my Tudors, the first time they've been out since the days of FoGR. I had sent Mark a list of armies he could chose from , and he suggested I randomly pick my army to face him, so I did. This was Mark's first time with an infantry army, after using Alans for his first few MeG games. The result was the nearest army historically, but furthest away geographically! My Senguko Samurai from the Usegui clan, as used at Warfare. Both CinC generals are 25mm, Henry VIII and Fluffy, it's a long story!

The armies deploy.
Very dense terrain, Mark picked marshes, and out scouted me by 80%!

To my left, safely behind barricades, a unit of bows and a unit of handgunners that would spend the day watching the action. My allies were on the hill. Foot to the right of it. As usual my Samurai had two ambushes, (white paper scraps), one behind the hill (powerbow foot and spears) and two cavalry in the woods.
Mark went f…

Trojan Chariots for Graham - 10mm New Line

The last of these for a while, as the boss is off on a well deserved break down-under!
Trojan Chariot Division.

In kit form.



The parking lot is full! 

Forged in Battle - Gallic Village

My 'Best Sportsman' prize from the Brighton BeG tournament, six rather nice 15mm Gallic round houses. A quick and fun paint job, ready to enliven any battlefield in the ancients period.

Ottoman Turkish vs White Sheep Turkoman, a Rollcall warm-up! MeG Cavalry match up

Thurday's MeG. Two very balanced lists, one definitely trying out for Rollcall MeG competition in April.
This was a re-purposing of my Pendraken 10mm Mongols as Ak Koyunlu (also known by their Westernised name of White Sheep Turkomen) (nomadic types, horses, bows, armour, spears, you know the type)!
As I said, the armies were surprisingly evenly matched, but only because Nick's Ottomans aren't yet finely fettled with the dreaded Serbian Knights and other nastiness that I know will be heading my way soon!

My list is... TOP SECRET! But basically, as you look at it, everyone has a bow apart from the two units of Sassanid Persians, masquerading as Kurdish Lancers! Their is a unit of superiors, the Sultan's Guard (Black lances with red details) and two units of skilled flexible archers, who could deploy in skirmish if needed.
Oh, and this guy is my CinC...
(Really, do I need to explain a White Sheep reference)

So, we ended up in the plains (a nice terrain mat is o…

Graham's Trojans, Libyans and Assyrians for the Sea Peoples Project

All 10mm New Line Designs (chariots to come next)...
A few Trojans Heavies
 Heavies as they walk past!
 Heavies with swords
 Rear view
 Libyan Swordsmen

 Assyrian Armoured Slingers

Poseidon’s Warriors First Game, Romans vs Carthaginians

After a glut of classical period land games, what better to refresh the system than a game of Classical galley combat?
I've always wanted to do this, but never found a rule set or figures I liked, until now!
John and I set up for our first game of Poseidon’s Warriors tonight. John opted for Carthage, I got my Roman fleet. All ships are Tumbling Dice. Rules by Osprey.
1 x Flagship Hexerer with Admiral
1 x 5 Slow Trireme
2 x 3 Fast Quadreme
3 x 3 Quinquereme (one squadron with elite crew +1” move)
Two commanders to position at his desire.
1 x Flagship Hexerer with Admiral
1 x 5 Slow Trireme
4 x 3 Slow Quinquereme with artillery (shooting range 8” to flanks) and Corvus (+2 grapple attempts)
We borrowed Pete’ Deep Cut Sea mat, which with my basing was a pretty perfect match!

Romans, always out numbered, never out gunned! Both fleets were equal points, so how would the heavy and slow Romans, (4” move, -1 for the unwealdy Corvus, so 3”) fare against the faster, lighter, ra…