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New terrain

A few more 10mm buildings, to flesh out my Napoleonic Austrians and then to add a village to my desert terrain. Firstly from Battlescale.

A chapel

A watermill, both small compared to Timecast, but useful non the less.

A market cross/village shrine

Moving further south, a desert dwelling

Now a few Timecast items. A Timecast barrel vaulted house

A more humble dwelling

Even more humble

Higher status building

The village together

Vulture's eye view

I needed something to restore my sanity after 200 Roman shield transfers and 60 tanks air recognition tansfers and squadron markings. So, after the Timecast Leipzig house, I ordered a few more, and Timecast being old friends, suggested a few additions. The range can be found here:
21/RU2 Traditional Russian wooden houses

Loving the dove cotes
21/LE3 large half-timbered house Leipzig house

21/LE6 barn, this is a big beast! The roof is separate, so that's why it looks like it's on a wonk!

The open  …