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Epic Eldar - Craftworld Iyanden

As part of the lockdown and clearing my immense figure backlog, I dug out some Epic Eldar I have had sitting round for a few years.

After considering the forces I had (I already own a Siam-Hann force) I plumped on Iyanden, a doomed craftworld with different priorities.

The main reason I bought Eldar for Epic in the first place (ie early 90s), I love their Titans! I sold my first version in the last century, but an Ebay hunt later...

Note the two Eldar guardians scurrying across the base...

Wraithlords (or Dreadnaughts as we called them in the 90s)

Guardians wit hleader and heavy weapons platforms.

Well, it's one basic platoon, but no armour is scaring me!

Eldar War walkers, an iconic unit, always loved the design!

The whole force, so far, sure I will add more soon...

He's a BIG boy!

Flags of War 28mm Jacobites

Hi all,
Backed this kickstarter last year, and now the figures are here, I'm now working out why I wanted to paint tarten again!
All flags and figures by Iain at Flags of War, and awesome they are too.

The iron was hot, so I carried on, this time with Royal Ecossaires and command figures.

1st Battalion

2nd Battlion (historically they didn't have the uniform, but hey, I had spare figures).

Personalities, an officer with claymore, MacDonald of Clanranald, John Roy Stuart

HRH James Edward Stuart - Bonnie Prince Charly!

Jamie Fraser, The Red Fox

Tartan detail

The batch now

What with the current isolation, and after 13 months, I came back to this little lot.
Four units of Highlanders. This was, to be honest, something I was dreading, especially the tartan. Thankfully, Iain left a useful painting guide on his Kickstarter, and once I got underway, it was game on! 

These have four bases to a unit, as larger units and ferocious charges too.
McPherson and Atholl.

All three units (M…

Hausa Project - converted War and Empire Arabs

So, a new project begins, is nearly finished!
Hausa Kingdoms.

So, who is this lady?
She is Queen Amina, an almost legendary queen of the Hausa kingdom of Zaria. Reading about her, she deserves her fearsome reputation, and is the ideal CinC for my army.

With her bodyguard of Khurasan heavy cavalry to act as guard cavalry recreating the scene above.

The shields were an inspired moment of 'hey that looks good'!

These have come our really well.

With her bodyguard.

However, there is no actualy figure that suited my requirement, so I needed a female warrior that I could convert.
After a long search, I found some female Skythians from  Xyston Miniatures ia Scotia Grendel. (The rest of the pack I gave to Paul).

Quite different from what I needed.

Rear view

Front view of the proposed changes.

Rear view.

 Modifications in place. Thanks to Phil Lewis for the Greenstuff.

 And a few extras to go with,

Second in command, Muhammed Rumfa. Beautiful figure from Khurasan. Flanked by War a…