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Last figures of 2017!

3120 figures painted this year, last few finish off an older project, start two new ones!
Happy New Year All!

Yann's Evil Men Dragon Riders, which will count as Dragon Knights in my Dragonmen army for Warband. This finishes off a project that had stalled for at least two years. :)

and straight into the new projects, firstly, Sassanid Persians
The Levy

Bows armed Asvaran for the Sassanids, these will be expanded by a base very very soon!

 Asvaran Lancers, these will be double the size soon (in number, not scale)...

A pair of minarets f0r Graham.

Carthaginian Fleet for Poseidon's Warriors

Finally got these ships done, a fleet of Tumbling Dice classical ships, for Poseidon's Warriors, using the Carthaginian fleet pack, and a few extras.

The Fleet

I went with a white theme, with the odd splash of colours for shields and squadrons. Carthaginian ships are ram heavy, rather than the Roman Corvus armed ships.  Ships labelled again, like the Romans, with Carthage Symbols (Tanit, god of War and Death) 
Carthaginian Triremes, light scouts and messengers

Hexeres - flagships

Carthaginian Hexeres escourted by a Quinquereme

ANd the three missing Roman Triremes, taking them up to a squadron of 5 for the rules.

Hitties for Graham

This batch takes me to 2999 figures for the year!
The latest batch are Hitties, a mix of Old Glory and New Line Designs.

50! Slingers!!
Heavy Foot

 New Line Design Chariots

Old Glory Chariots

The skirmishers en masse
Skirmishing Archers

Javelin Armed troops

On army building - The Musings Of Chairman Meow

It’s a wet and slushy December day, the kids and teachers are all off school (SNOW DAY) and at this time of year, our thoughts turn to those things we hold most dear...
Like, what new army project shall I start?
What follows is a few thoughts as to the armies I buy, research  paint, and use.
These thoughts follow an odd path, because I’m just finishing a Mid-Republican/Polybian army for MeG, and my mind turns to the next project as the wargaming butterfly flaps her wings. It’s like the chaos butterfly 🦋, but the lead butterfly has heavier wings!

Firstly, is it a fun army to use? If not, I’m not doing it...
Then I thought on, what else do I do when building an army?
I thought on this, and then many years ago Brian pointed out a couple of facts: “You either go for heavy, solid foot armies that are difficult to shift, or really light mobile and/or annoying armies!”  He was right.
Heavies Romans, I own three, no four Roman armies (28, 15, 2 x 10mm), I love Romams. Good solid troops, world…