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New Line 10mm Mycenaeans

More for Graham’s upcoming Bronze Age campaign, 91 Mycenian warriors.

Pendraken SCN-EF01

I painted a house! Pete won this in the raffle at Warfare, but didn’t want it, and knowing I love 10mm,
I bought it from him. While I was waiting for other stuff to dry, I thought, why not?

Mid Republican Roman vs Greco-Bactrian MEG warm-up for Brighton 10k Event

Somewhere in the depths of Asia, the newly victorious Mid Republican Romans took on an invading horde of civilized Greeks, Iranians and local Afghans in a MeG clash.

I was using my list for Brighton, three generals, three legions of Polybian era Romans, Velites, Hastatii, Principes and Triarii, supported by Equites (Bankers?) a few Italian allies, a unit of Cretans and the ace up our sleeve, Elephants! All lovely figures from Pendraken.
Paul (of Dracostandard fame) fielded a truly interesting list. The Greco-Bactrians is a real toolbox army, it can have almost anything (watch out, he has a superb cavalry version lurking); three generals, two units of Pikes, two sets of lancers (one local, one bodyguard), catafracts, two batches of spears, light horse, cavalry, a unit of Cretans and his ace up his sleeve, Elephants!

That's a nasty list Paul has, thinking about it!

Pikes I had met before, under the Generalship of Colonel Madigan, so I knew they would be a tough ask. Hi…

Sea People’s, 10mm New Line Commision

We caught a deserter too!

For my regular client, some extra New Line Sea Peoples.
Sea People’s archers

Tjekkers , apparently a Cannanite group.

And 94 Sumerian Javelinmen who are along for the ride, acting as Sea People skirmishers.