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Xenos Rampant: Spaceships! Yenpalo Empire vs McAndrew Corperation over two games.

The ambassador peeled himself slowly from the cavity he had just made in the wall, possible broken ribs, and he was sure that his arm should not bend in that direction. "That was an act of belligerence, that was war! Earth Central will put our fleets on alert. We cannot stand this insult!" The (heavily armoured) diplomatic drone fluttered nearby. "Oh, be quiet drone!" the Emperor's voice echoed in his head. He still wasn't sure how the drone heard it, but it fluttered backwards, aviding the tentacle the zoomed past it's front.It was learning to avoid these blows, after, what was it, sixth new chassis? The Auran Emperor, resplendent in a newly fabbed tank of seawater, floated where at least two stories of the embassy had once stood. "I was only patting the Ambassador on the back for his fine decision!" Once, long ago, actually about half-an-hour and a wall ago, the Ambassador had been soundly asleep, but had, again, been roused from his slumber
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1815 Prussians in 10mm. IV Corps, 1st Landwehr, 2.Bataillon, 2. Neumark Landwehr Regiment and 1st West Prussian Uhlans

Okay, I gave in! Bought and started a division of 1815 Prussians in 10mm. 1st Landwehr infantry unit, 2.Bataillon, 2. Neumark Landwehr Regiment Advancing Top down Forwards Its a lot of dark blue really 1. West Prussian Uhlanen Regiment, IV Corps Cavalry Lances ready Steady... Wait... Oh go on then!   1st Landwehr infantry unit, 1.Bataillon, 2. Neumark Landwehr Regiment  Top view Back view Advance! That's a good view Regimental Officer   Some of these you will have seen in the Pendraken painting competition, but the Landwehr and artillery are new! 1. & 2. Neumark Landwehr Kavallerie Regiment Not the best cavalry in the Napoleonic world, but they are cheap and do a vital job Charge! Intimidate! von Watdorff Which way? Three batteries of 6lber artillery Why am I humming the Pippin Fort tune? I did sort the gunners on the end stand after seeing this! Boom! Bang! Prussian IV Corps 13th Brigade under comman

Medieval Scots - A replacement army - first spears added

I  have, after much soul searching (no I could not find mine either), decided that I really should stretch my Pictish spearmen a whole 1000 years. 300ish to 1300 ish, so really stretching the whole Pict-morph-thing now. So 10mm to replace the fallen over the winter, this will be fun ( 18 months later, and summer is on the way and I finally started them ) This means a restart and finish with my Scots army back where I started with them for DBM, a successful army, but before MeG came out I had not touched them in 10 years, then I sold my 15mm version of them in 2014 (and then were instantly stolen from my late friend's car).  So, back to the 1300s version. 1315 to be exact. A project I've been putting off for years, but now I have started the Medieval Scots spearmen from c.1315 with Pendraken figures and flags . First three units or 35 bases or 250 figures. There's another couple of hundred figures to add Top view Shields are mostly hand painted