15mm PSC Goths for Adrian.

 Last year Adrian replumbed my house, in return he gave me a few boxes of PSC Goth and Huns to paint. Heavy cavalry and generals done. Unit one Still keeping with the slightly muted pallete But with the edging to match the foot units Six bases looking like one horde Top view, because... Not quite the charge of the Scots Greys... Second units Great many hairy horsemen! Ride! Third unit Not bad for the cost of a replumbed house! The only winner here are the dung beetles! Armourerered lancers I know there is little evidence for Gothic catafracts, but it allows Adrian(ople) to distingush his superior cavalry in his army. I do think these came out quite well! These could hurt if they run over your foot ( I once lost a toenail to a horse treading on mine)! Generals, using up more of the FIB War and Empire Kickstarter Generals special, in the very centre features Arthur as a heavy cavalry general and Attila on the right, escorted by two Hunnic heavy cavalry (Adrian also bought a box
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