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Burrows and Badgers. Battle of Rothay Churchyard. Wildbeast vs two Royalist warbands.

"17... 18... 19 pennies..." "Funny how all these Royalist gangs we keep bumping into all hate each other, they really are at 6s and 7s." "Gah! I've got to start again now! 1... 2... 3..." The gang were sitting round a fireplace in various sizes of comfy chairs in the 'Tipsy Teal', a small inn just outside Clappersgate, famous for its food and beer, after what had been a very successful day. All bar one held a glass or tankard or flaggon (or a tea cup), and helped themselves to the large selection of delicacies and snacks spread across a low bench between them and the fireplace. They watched as Martyn the mouse tried to count up the exceeding large pile of pennies on a separate little table set by the inglenook. Each in turn had also cottoned on to the sport of adding a numerical phrase in just as Martyn got into the flow of counting the piles of coins. "Meeting one Royalist band was bad, but two..." Flash chirped. "SHUT UP! One..
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6mm Napoleonic Russians commission.

I was asked to do some more Napoleonics, this time Russians. Four units of Russian Grenadiers A little closer The owner wil base and add flags Off they go Artillery, from the rear Front view Five units of cuirassiers (His Maj/Lifeguards, Her Maj, Mil order and two others) "If we sneak in in column, no one will see us!" Ready for action "Has anyone got any idea where we are going?" Ready to go   Three Cossack units and the generals finishes off the army pack. More are on their way I hear, once I post these to their owner. Cossacks, red = Imperial Cossacks, blue = Don/Ukranian cossacks, green = any old Cossack that was passing... Front on Weird blur on the imperials... Back end of a horse... Generals Follow the leader? If you look carefully, I painted the telescope lens! What's so interesting over there?   Three units of Russian Hussars done today, from the top, Marioupol, Alex