Frostgrave Warband; three extra dwarfs

Three (maybe two, one is a mounted version of himself, the one with the beer mug), two on the left are 'Kalmarr' from CP models, one on the right is a mage/alchemist. Advance! Back view Is the anvil symbolic?   Chaos Fire Mage, with a hint of witcher... Yennifer of Vanderberg Tried to make her look like the video game, which I don't own! Catch! Fireball! Boom!   Another gobbo, wiv an axe! He's meant to be a Hobgoblin King (what, if anything, is the difference between hobgoblins and goblins?) Cloak   One of my neighbours gifted me some old old old figures, these two 1980s skeletons - GW type, join the Order of the White Bear. Top view Good fun painting these There's more to do But these two are cool, skeletons have no body heart! Chaos warrior Mostly ostrich, a large amount snake, some human. Quite an interesting sculpt, who did
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