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Burrows and Badgers, A Bridge To The Far(m), a three way game.

Berry the Shew sat in his seat in the inn, his cloak again pulled down to hide his scars, maybe not as far as before, he was getting used to them, and he felt less customers staring at him now he was becoming a regular. This had not been the best week as far as adentures had gone, but it had some positives, he thought as he carefully sipped his bramble gin, savouring the warmth and knowing he would never be that cold, wet or miserable slave again.  The rest of the gang was looking really positive, almost as if they had won, rather than lost, each of them had tales to tell, but Berry was not sure they should be celebrating so hard. Different sized recepticles were being used around the table, from himself and the mice using thimbles, to Bowie and L'Otter with flaggons and even fine crystal glasses, each creature had the right sized glass (or thing) for them, and were certainly emptyingg them with gusto. L'Otter sat opposite, reclining on an battered arm-chair, patches of fur reg
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The Bridge, a scenario of Burrows and Badgers

The bridge is down!  Repairs are needed to make it passable, however the local landowner has absconded with the cash to repair it, this might be an opportunity to make both some cash and rebuild your reputation with the local populous.   Terrain : A river with a broken bridge on a road crosses the centre of the table, and each player has a wood pile 15" from the bridge, The rest of the terrain should provide some cover on the approach.    Warbands and Deployment Zones : Lowest warband rating deploys first. Each character may deploy 2" in.   Special Rules :  Swimmers can cross the river by swimming, as can fliers. It takes two animals to carry a plank (unless massive) moving at slowest speed. It costs a character one action to pick up or place down a plank. Once both characters have picked up, they can move as a team based on the pair's slowest move. While they are carrying, they cannot fight or shoot while holding planks, but may dodge and parry. Dropping a plank

Skaven Blood Bowl Team for my Daughter's teacher.

 My youngest daughter's teacher (an ex collegue off mine too) is a Blood Bowl player. So instead of the usual candles/wine/pointless tat, I found him a second hand Blood Bowl team, and painted them up for him. These are the 2016 plastic Skaven, and I was quite impressed by them. Final part of the team, and my daughtere's leaving present for her teacher, a Rat Ogre. Line rats Oh, he supports Watford to... What, you've never noticed the similarity between the Horned Rat and the Watford logo? Throwers Gutter Runners Storm Vermin The whole team (needfs some subs, if he teaches her well, I might have to find some...)

ArMEGgeddon - 10mm Dacians take on the Ancient World in Mortem at Gloriam!

FINALLY! After two long years, a competition! Battlefield Hobbies , the great game store in Daventry hosted one half of the comp, and Ray's holiday home on the south coast the other, as COVID restrictions remained in force. It was a hot, hot and sticky weekend, so if there are bottles on table, tough, as dehydration is a pig! Our half of the competition looked like this, The Thraco-Romans pulled out to allow one of the Westerns Hans under Nik to defect from the Southern Super League (sorry Hammy as you did not get your games) and join us: Since I had been painting them for both myself and Si for the last 18 months , I decided to use my spin on the Dacians, with Sarmatian allies, based on the list I had borrowed from Nick all those moons ago . Why Dacians? Why not! Devastating charger, tribal loose or short spear useless javelins is the common argeuement why not! This is not your usual horde army, it is a horde army with teeth ! You get it right with this army, and you can tear ho