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6mm Spearhead WW2 British for Andi

Andi is an old, old friend, back from the days of DBM, so 1990s!

He asked me to paint his airborne division for him, thankfully one bridgae had already been done, but there are still plenty to do, and an armoured division, and an infantry division too.
Anyone would think he was heading to Arnheim!

1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade now done.

Nine infantry stands, two mortars, a recce stand, HMG, Pioneers and HQ stands

Quite pleased the way this came out.

Top view of the battalion.

Front view, 6mm is tiny!

So, the heavy lifting had better get underway!

Horsa gliders, all freehand painted.

Just remember, in the words of Howard Taylor's 'Schlock Mercanary' :-
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Jyn Erso and Sabine Wren - Star Wars Legion

After getting Netflix, and painting Jyn, there was only one way I could go, and that was to really test my painting abilities!

Sabine Wren, a Rebel operative, Mandalorian and sassy graffitti artist, with the most complex armour you could imagine, and it changes each season, so I went season three!

With the Darksaber

The model come with a choice of arms and heads, so I modified mine so that the parts are interchangable. 

Pew! Pew!

She comes with a jetpack! "I got to get one of those!"

 Two gun set up

I loke her, a lot! So much, I might even have to try the game...

Bought this last October for Imi, and inspired by Geoff and his version earlier in the week, and members of the LB club playing Legion, but most importantly by my daughter being a MASSIVE Rogue 1/Jyn Erso fan, I had to paint up this while we all under lockdown.

Pretty pleased wit her. Might have to get one for myself so I can play the game.

New terrain

Four Timecast road junctions I've been ignoring for too long...

A few bits of terrain that have been sitting round during Lockdown that I have done in the last two days.

First up, a prototype Products For Wargames 28mm scale church, and this is a BEAST of a model, mdf and it fills an A3 board. This will be used for both Pikeman's Lament, and no doubt Last Days:Zombie Apocalypse, plus anything else 28mm from here to eternity.  Not sure when it will go into full production, but Chris has done an amazing job on the design.

The inside has three areas, a porch, the aisle and under the tower, it's a BIG area.
The other side of the aisle.

It even came with pews. One was missing an end, so I combined them for a family double pew. Either extra cover or something to stack against the doors!

The tower splits into three levels, each with their own hatch and ladder.

Which you can pull up! Anyone do a 28mm belfry?

Almost on the ground...

Church notices and gargoyles.

View inside th…

18th Division, IX Corps Prussians for 1870, 10mm Pendraken

Finally got these done today, artillery, artillery officer and von Manstein for IX Corps 1870, which finally finishes IX Corps, might have to carry on with French I Corps next.
I'm also trying out a new light box, so this is a bit of a trial photo dump, here goes!

Been a short lay off on these (5 years).
But 18th Division is done, completing IX Corps, apart from the Corps artillery reserve and Corps commander (interestingly, they don't appear to have had a horse artillery battery in the corps artillery reserve)

The whole division advances (not technically accurate, as 11th Grenadiers were painted some years ago to complete Prussian forces at Mars-La-Tours and will be joining them in their box this afternoon, but there is an extra unit that was involved with them at Amanvillers, can you guess who they are)?

And here they come out the afternoon sun.

6th Dragoons

Divisional artillery

The infantry (had not spotted the pva had not quite dried on the jagers, ho hum)


Fantasy Egyptians in 10mm

First force of lockdown an new-old project - Pendraken Fantasy Egyptians that will become a Siatic Egyptian army for MeG

I based up the Stargate

Chariotry and generals/mages done, this was quite a job.
The batch

All archers had loincloths and head scarfs fitted, all mummies had their hands drilled and spears fitted. Chariots are actually Elven, and have had their yolks extended.
Red squadron

Blue squadron

It's a smaller squadron as the army only has ten chariot bases.

First stand of foot archers, need to order a lot more and convert them!

A stargate, that will form my army baggage element (thanks to Drew at Studio Bergstrom for this)

What else could I use as my baggage
Either generals or magic users (if I use them for fantasy MeG), two with variousPendraken items added to bases, and one with spare converted archers.

This also reuses my original mummies from the army. Seniority has its privillages!

The army, so far!

Line linfantry update! Ordered some extra 'Phar…