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Finally, my first game of Frostgrave. After work and work on Wednesday (school and the Military Intelligence Museum, go on, give us a visit), I popped round to Chris's for a game on the way home. Chris has his own superb blog here We decided to play the basic scenario, just so I could get to know the rules.
Chris had set up a rather lovely table. A dark and stormy night in Felstead.
I decided to use my Goblin Warband by Rebel Minis. By pure fluke, Chris was using his Dwarf warband!!!
Back rank, (Left to Right) - Jason, thug. Jason,  thug. Jason-at-Arms (Infantryman).
Front rank (LtoR) - Jason the Archer, Jason the Apprentice, Jacinta The Witch, Jason the Theif, Sir Jason The Knight

Starting moves, Sir Jason trudges forwards to guard a treasure token, with Jacinta behind.

Chris' dwarves make an early surge for their boxes.

Sir Jason and Jacinta, helped by a Telekenis spell, swoop up a second chest, while Jason the archer reaches the first ches…
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Ray's Rebased Figures, 15mm MeG units.

Finally, tufts have arrived, so got more of Ray's lovely figures rebased. I can take no credit for the original painting, just rebasing.
Yeah, I was waiting quite a while for tufts... 

Two heavier cavalry


And Ray had enough spare Poles to make another unit!

More of Rays bits done. Mostly light foot and cavalry - painting is not mine, only the basing! Light foot

Light horse

Another batch done, more Poles (again, I claim no credit for the painting, only the bases)

 A general, generally...