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6mm Baccus Napoleonic Commission starting with the French!

 Soon to fly off to Australia, this is the first of many batches of 6mm Napoleonics from a certain Sheffield based company (oh all right, it's Baccus and they're lovely). Next starter set done. Seven units of Legere Infantry Some facing the other way. Artillery Three units of Ligne Infantry Chasseurs a Chevel Hussars Generals Cuirassiers Dragoons The starting French starter set.  A unit of French line infantry Rear view And this is... 10 units of infantry and three sets of generals That looks like a huge attack! Top view Line Artillery batteries Rear view Four units of Cuirassiers Top view so you can see which unit is which! Going the other way! Four units of Dragoons Top view Back the other way! Two units of Hussars Got the command bases mixed up, so they are on both sticks! Two units of Chasseurs a Chevel
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Mortal Gods

Footsore recently released this rather fun game, based around 28mm skirmish fighting in ancient Greece. Tried it at Campaign, then got a set for my birthday from Manny and Rob at Boards and Swords . Turns out Keith also has the rules and wanted his painting too!  Heavy hoplites done for a friend Rear view Heroes Heroes running away The whole batch Top view   In the lull after New Year, I started Keith's Athenians. Veteran with a hoplite group. Light Hoplites   Nice bunch Side view   Rear view   Heavy hoplites (some more willing to fight than others?)   Top view   Detail left   Detail right - he went that-a-way!   Side view   Athenian heroes   Like these figures a lot   The whole group Quite like the way these came out.   Again. started with the heavyweights of the Ancient Greek world and painted up the Spartan starter set. The whole band looking as tough as their reputation , but slightly better dressed! Light Hoplites Side view Heavy Hoplites, with their veteran in