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Scram, it's the Peelers!

Commission for a mate, whose got into 7TV.
Mostly 28mm from West Wind.
I'm giving up on my main camera, I'm getting more detail on my phone camera and less blurr.

Armed police, ready to take on rogues and villans


No, I don't know how they work either...


Is the pen mightier than the Lee Enfield?

The boss, the Right Honourable... A Warlord Games - Churchill (oh yes...)

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A rubbish post! 28mm terrain

Products For Wargames House

Many moons ago, Pendraken ran a kickstarter for Militia Miniatures Modern figures (via Minibits), finally got round to painting the first parts, some add on ramage and guff which make supply counters for Last Days.

Figures painted soon...

Hi all,
Ended up (at the last minute) helping out Timecast at Salute yesterday, so, in my five minutes break, I popped to Blotz and 4Ground, looking for some 28mm terrain for Last Days:Apocalypse on Thursday.
This is what I found (Yes, apart from Choozen Noodles on the way home, that was the limit of my spends for the day):
 A skip and a dumpster, well why not! Cover is cover...

Assembly stage, very easy to build, clear in structions and went together well:
Almost happy with these as they are, certainly for the dumpster.

But that's not me...
I tried not to make them prestine, as I figured if they are indistrial and post-apocalyptic, no one will have cleaned them!

 Suitably trashed trash!
The lid does open and close, w…

Nobby's Buildings

Might have had these for a bit too long, 6 years to long, sorry Nobby!

Last Days:Apocalypse - Young Ones vs Prision Guards vs Zombies
(Student house, interior, zombie still claw at the crudely reinforced windows. Neil enters)
Neil: Guys, guys, it's weird, I was out in the garden, planting seeds, so nature can grow the seed, then we can eat the seeed...
Rik: Oh get on with it Neil.
Vyvyan (sporting an eye patch): Rik, shut up, you're dead!
Rik: Actually, I'm not, I think you'll find I'm perfectly fine...
Vyvyan: No, I said you're dead. (Returns cricket bat to side of sofa)
Neil: Anyway, I was sewing the seeds...
Mike: Yes we know Neil, but is this going anywhere?
Neil: (excited) We yeah, like I noticed something really freaky...
All: Yes?
Neil: I turned round, and there was an arrow in my back.
(Neil turns around to reveal his back is full of arrows).
Mike: I wondered where the bow had gone I told Kat she could get some target practise in...
Rik (springing up for the floor, flailing arms and attempting to smarten himself up) Oh, a girl, a rea…