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6mm Wars of The Roses - Yorkists

339 figures, part of a club project for our chairman.

Hope he like them.
Dark and murky day, oh well. 339 figures for a group project.
Figures for generals bases

Edward IV (left) Duke of Glucester (Right)

And in reverse

Mowbery - Reserve commander

More knights for general bases

Archers from two commands

It's an awful lot of figures!
Recent posts

A Wooden Spoons

Another spoon, this time for Meglomaniaxs, a small comp run by Ray at his house (big house).

Two more Wooden spoons, one for Skullrollers in Daventry this weekend, the other for Wintercon in Australia in July.
I won’t be attending the second one, but I was honoured to be asked.
Skullrollers, which has Si’s skull based theme.

Wintercon, Introducing ‘The Night Kang’

Ray's Rebased Figures, 15mm MeG units.

Extras for Ray. Essex 15mm Mounted crossbows

 Couple of extras

Ray asked me to rebase a few figures... I said yes. The few arrived... Now, a few in Shropshire, the land I grew up in, is more than a couple, less than half a dozen... Technically correct if we are counting in hundreds, this was a big job, but great fun. Ray asked for a swampy or marsh based feel to his troop, so I decided to try something a step on from my usual basing technique.  I sculpted milliput  craters, which when dried, filled with Vallejo Still Water for the puddles. I've had this for yonks and never really used it, so Muddy puddles it was.  This took a day,  as each base got a hand sculpted, which I then painted, and added water effect, which also takes 24 hours to dry.  This was before the usual sand/pva mixtures, ink wash, paint dry brush, highlight, edged, sealed with more pva/water, flocked, shrubs and tufts then added. Each of these stages combined takes ages (pva needs a good 24 hours to dry by itsel…

10mm Later Romans

An ongoing project (ongoing as in started in 15mm in 1992), but mostly now 10mm Pendraken for Mortiem et Gloriam, these are a few extras to get my units up to six stands each ready for Meglomaniacs II this weekend.

Equites Sagitarri

 Equites Illyricanii

Sassanid Persians vs Early Byzantines - Mortiem et Gloriam. Round II

Last night's scrap at Milton Keynes. Me using my Meglomaniacs and Warfare list. Pete was using his Early Byzantines again, heftily tweaked from our last game. My Sassanids are unchanged since Derventio.
Pete was using 4 competent generals,  2 8 of Skutatoi foot, An 8 of Isurians 2 6s of Hunnic horse, melee experts,  2 6s of Devastating charge cavalry with melee experts, A small  4 of superior kavallarioi also melee experts.  2 4s of AVERAGE catafracts,  An average 6 of short spear melee experts kavallarioi A unit of light foot archers. So, his army out fights mine in many areas, this was going to have hard old fight. I kept Pete in the open & plains section of the terrain chart, as I was defending. He out-scouted me by 50%, 7 units out, don't mind that. That's my small cavalry units and my levy foot units then!
We both forgot our mats, so club cloth it was... The most important decision was the  night's choice of sweet, between Dairy Milk Buttons and the liquorice…