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Bulking out my 1806 Prussians in 15/18mm

Since the days of Lasalle 1st edition, I have been meaning to bulk out my ever-victorious 1806 Prussians* from Principles of War. *Seriously, they have never lost a game! It's like Bloodbowl Halflings - you never expect them to do well, so anything positive is a miracle.   Yellows final stand, just gone back and sorted the white bleed on the hats! Quote Quick Edit More... You may refe   Three musketeer units bulked out. Five stands across three units, which allows me to free up other stands to make more units (it's a long and very dull story).   The yellow unit will get an extra base soon too. Marching on Back view Marching back With their new units Top view   With the advent of 'Soldiers of Napoleon' the task became much more manageable, and I finally
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AWI forces for Lee - 10mm Pendraken

Lee asked me to paint up extra forces for his AWI collection so he can also play 'Live Free or Die'. British 'line' infantry units. Took me a while, as I had a crisis of 'ohhh shiney' and painted three other things before I got to the cuff lace stripe painting stage! Six units of five bases, and because I miscounted, one extra base! Lots and lots of 'em! For ease of viewing, half batches... Two blue faced units and a white Top down Quick, stand still About face Back view Two yellow facing units and The Buffs Player's view Top view Get 'em lads! Oi! You! Turn with the others! The greens (there are green grenadiers and will be green light infantry, which can be combined into a rather understrength units) He went thataway! Quote Quick Edit More... You may refer to me as: Your Grace, Duke Speed

Zoontalis - my daughter painted her Axolotls, I painted my foxes.

Easter holidaqy activity, Rach painted her Axolotls I sculpted the bases for her (she wanted a water theme), applied inks before she highlighted and did the details on the eyes, the rest is entirely her work. Look, salmon rose! They are very much her favourite (this week) and gave my Platupuses a kicking on Thursday! Meanwhile, I finished my guild of foxes Feisty These just ooze sneakiness  Recently, my friend David introduced myself and my daughter to Zoontalis. It's a fast play, four creature aside combat game. The rules are great, but the sculpts they produce are even better. Rach has finished her next guild - Pandamonium! All I did was add basing and tidy up after her. Her choice of colours ties in nicely These are going to be hard! They go really well     My next two Guilds. Perilous Platupuses and Raging Rabbits The rabbits Boing! Side on Back view Hunting pack Platapuses Decided to