Victorian Sell Swords and Science , 28mm Jungle fun.

A smoky bar, in a run down colonial town, somewhere in Africa. Inside, a grizzled soldier of fortune and a gentleman adventurer, both somewhat blood soaked and worse for wear, raise a glass of malt in a toast.
"He was brilliant."
"And a surprisingly good shot for an academic!"
"Yeah, God rest him, he died doing what he loved."
"Watching Surrey avoid the follow on after a heavy night drinking and dancing at the Ritz?"
"No, serving Queen and Country"

I was very kindly invited round to Graham (Sunjester's) G&T room for a game, and was delighted to find he had set up his Victoriana/Steam-Punk version of Sellswords and Spellslingers, a very fun game that his blog already has a write up on!

My gang, the Professor, a Soldier of (mis)Fortune, and something of a dandy adventurer. They had been tasked by a representative of HM Crown to recover a large, blue, glowing stone from a set of ruins that held 'interesting properties'.

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