6mm Napoleonic Russians commission.

I was asked to do some more Napoleonics, this time Russians. The owner will base and add his own flags. tarted these 10.30 Friday night, did the assembly, base coats and ink washes by about 1. Saturday started at 09:30, worked through until 2ish when I walked the dog for two hours, then did another hour tidying up. Machine mode? As usual, the owner will be basing these, ready to fight Leipzig at the weekend! Artillery batteries Can you tell where I've reused tongue depressors? Gunners stand ready Limbers and teams Limbers closer Trip trop Five cossack regiments Top down Fair amount of lancers Off they go Charge!   Batch 2 of the current order:- Russian artillery - mixed Boom? Boom? Will someone please man those guns? Cassion teams   Interesting multi-part kits. Here they are. Five wheels, two chassis parts, in 6mm!   Four units of Russian line in greatcoat On the march Going that way? Back view That way? Four un
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