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2019 in review and moving on to 2020. The further thoughts of Chairman Meow.

So, in terms of wargames and painting how did 2019 go for Mad Lemmey?

Not a bad year to be honest, lots to be excited about.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Looking at Last Year's thoughts, what have I actually played?

Two MeG games in Ray's new Wargames Pods vs Ray's Thracians

Two games to allow Ray to practise with his army before the IWC in Belgium this month.
I was invited around to Ray's pad in London Village to move the board games, books, figure collection, and construct his shelving to help sort and catalogue his figure collection during the next stage of constructions! I needed a day's exercise after the Xmas binge and what better way to spend Twixmas than helping out a friend and playing some games (and enjoying his wife Meana's amazing cooking). 14000 steps (up and down his garden) later.
A small selection of Ray's armies (each box is A3 and holds about an army, nothing compared to Hammy or my 19th Century heap I know, but he is only been in this ancients game 2 years)! I only got the left hand section catalogued! 😕 The army he chose to use isn't even in the stack!!!
Ray cruelly forced me to stop work after 6, and we had a game before dinner.

Game 1: Mid Republican Romans vs Thracians.
Yeah, Thracians,

" the Thracian pe…