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A visit to Le Musée de la Grande Guerre, Meaux.

On the way to our lovely holiday, I spotted signs directing traffic to a nearby towm (approx 10 miles) from where we were staying, that had Le Musée de la Grande Guerre. The town is called Meaux, and, if you know anything about WW1 history, it's where the French literally shut the gates on the advancing Germans during the Battle of The Marne in 1914. Famously, French reinforcements were rushed out of Paris in taxis, modern mobile infantry was born here!
So, on the Friday of our trip, as the girls reclined around the pool, I set out in my wife's trusty 03 plate Ford Focus, armed only with half a bag of jelly babies and google maps, to drive, solo, across beautiful French countryside, through a busy French provincial town, to get to a museum.

Thankfully, I made it unscathed!

After a brilliant visit to Verdun in '08, which was a depressing, cold, wet, foggy and somewhat hungover day, where I found a visit to the French entrenchments and the amazing museum very upsetting, I wa…