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Mortiem et Gloriam Mitanni vs Median Empire

Another Warfare warm-up, with Paul trying out a different list variant from the later book, and my glorious Mitanni getting in vital practise before Warfare.
MedianEmpire, used by a mathematician, there must be some mean-mode-median-rangejokes here...
Nope, I got nothing.

There are three units of infantry, off right----->
Centre, what centre?

Early skirmishing, lots of dice, not many hits! That's the five right hand dice...

That's the two left hand dice vs Paul's superior cavalry (White+ means S wounds, so nasty)

On the right, that's an awful lot of infantry, which I wanted to get in on, but there is a lot of shooting stuff in the way. Paul's skilled shooters erm... missed!

Paul pointing out the error of my ways as he concentrates three units on my 4 of superiors.

Paul starting to envelop my flanks.

I lost a base!  I killed a unit of Paul's horse in melee and then where to go next?  (2-0)

Trying to catch smoke on the right, I move my foot up to support, …

MeG Biblical Warfare Warm Up, Mitanni vs - err - no idea.

My glorious chariot based Mitanni took on, erm... not quite sure, it had an awful lot of shooty cavalry!
Paul and I met up at Leighton BuzzardWargames Club for a MeG practise before Warfare. I was using my Mitanni (in glorious 10mm from Magistar Militum) against Paul's 15mm (CENSORED).

The table, and deployment, BIG lump of cavalry-friendly-chariot-hating-magic terrain, just where I don't need it!
My infantry was heading into it, or the wood, not sure yet. The rest of my army is wheeled, so wanted to avoid that stuff like the plague! Both armies are quite shooty, in fact VERY shooty! But Biblical armies nearly all are.

Easiest way to do that is swing right, and fast! My foot pivoted right too, in the vain hope of pinning some hose lords. This made Paul think hard, as he was not expecting this level of aggression. (The Curly Wurly twirlies proved to be exceptional).

Paul sensibly dives into the terrain, while backing off his right flank when realising that that's a so…

15mm Cathars for Roger

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. Hopefully not, I spent ages on these! Roger contacted me and asked me to paint southern French MeG army.He then dropped that they would be the Albigensian Crusade (otherwise known as the Cather Crusade), and then I started to research, this is a lot of fun!  For those of us who love a conspiracy theory, you might remember this screamer!

Roger has sent me some shots of the army fully based up.
They look gorgeous!

Knights, sergents and generals Back rank Foix with Catalonia, Front rank Beziers, Toulouse and Comminges

The foot contingents

The full force, 10 TuGs and 1 SuG, there are also two units of peasants that are amazing that Roger painted previously.

Batch 5, the knights and generals are all done, which finishes the army.

Enjoy, as I've enjoyed painting them.

The whole batch, the deserter at the top I managed to break the ankles of the horse at the last second, so spent today repairing, pinning and modelling new ankles.