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Finished Mid Republican Romans

Extra cavalry added

Incoming photo-dump!
Army is finished, just in time for tonight's game and four games of MeG in Oxford over the weekend!  8)

Latest two batches

Hastatii from Legio III

These chaps are either Roman elite light troops (in a four) or Italian allied light troops (in a six), made from a mix of Italian infantry, Velites Hastatii and Triarii

Velites of Legio I & II

Elephants - these are the Carthaginian elephants, with converted Cretan archers and Triarii as crew, plus a few Cretans and Velites escorts, just because they look cool! I tried a little tromp d'oeye on the howdahs, for a laugh.

Cretean Archers

Generals (using Principes and Caesarian Roman Generals)

Generals, with Principes bodyguards

And this is the whole army! Hopefully get some deployment shots tonight (they need a camp, and maybe a few slingers)

10mm Sabresquadron, Soviets vs Canadians

After a busy few weeks with real life stuff, Nick and I finally both made it down the club for a fight!
So, it's Sabresquadron, in 10mm, what’s not to love! 
Nick has been quietly working on Canadians in 10mm, as it is one force he does did not own, and looking at relations, apart from Ice Hockey, it looked like a good, evenly matched game.

My Soviets,  Command 1 T-62B Three tanks units of 3 T-62B Infantry platoon in BMP1Ps, with attached Grenade launcher section Recce platoon in BMP1Ps. 6 x 120mm howisters, with AOP in his newly finished MTu. Counterbattery artillery on call. All figures from Timecast’s amazing Cold War 1984 Soviet range.

Nick brought his newly finished Canadians. 3 Leopard1A3(C) Company Command 2 sections of 4 Leopard1A3(C)  2 Infantry platoons An anti tank section with TOWs 4 M109 artillery pieces, and an observer.
Newly painted and ready to roll.
A fun mix of 3d printed vehicles, and Pendraken vehicles  (Lynx) and infantry (Argentinians from their superb Falkl…