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Mortiem et Gloriam vs Mark, his Mycenaeans vs my Mongols!

Thursday night MeG, playing around with new potential lists for Derby.
I took Mongols, as the list has just been released, and I have the army, ready painted in glorious 10mm Technicolor. Taking Paul's advice, I had:
Legendary Commander (Genghis Khan himself)
Competent General
Mediocre General
1 x 6 Exceptional Guard
2 x 4 Superior Protected
4 x 4 Superior unprotected
1 x 6 Skilled Light Horse
2 x 4 Normal Light Horse

Mark had:
Legendary General
Talented General
Competent General
8 x 6 Long Spears, shield cover, integral archers
2 x 4 Light Chariots,Superior, long spear
1 x 9 skirmishing slingers
1 x 6 skirmishing slingers
1 x 8 light spear, protected javelins
1 x 9 skirmishing archers
1 x 6 skirmishing archers

I out scouted Mark, but, because he had to deploy 50% of his units (8) I had to match him, leaving me only two units left over. This in effect means he had out-scouted me by dint of having a bigger army!

Mark looking smug about his deployment! His units had basically filled…

Equites Batavi iuniores for Alasdair

18 15mm Later Roman Cavalry, as a prize for winning the MeG competition at Campaign in May.
They arrived with the brief of 'These are a unit of elite cavalry, taken from the central Italian field army and temporarily assigned to an utterly corrupt governor of North Africa'.

A quick dive into the Notitia Dignitatum for shield patterns, based on the amazing research here, the issue is that most of the cavalry units in the central commands have rather plain shield patterns (one argument for this is that they saw more active service, so didn't have time to come up with elaborate designs like the limitarii units on the borders), but looking at Alasdair's brief, it was pretty easy to see that the Equites Batavi iuniores were the junior unit in the list, so would be sent off first, and had the most fun shield designs too!

28mm Medieval Knights

Medieval Knights for a friend as a commission/prize.
Figures are marked as W.E.G. 1979, so I'm assuming West End Games.
Heraldry advised by Jarkko, except for the owner's family arms!

Owner in the middle (Hi Steve)!

Warband - Historical - 100 Years War - Find The Prize

Tonight's game vs Jarkko. Using his amazing 28mm 100 Years War collection. We used Warband rules, but no magic and both using 'Dragon Men' lists.
I opted for the French (trying to break out of my Anglo-centric attitudes when wargaming).
My List
Lord D6+1
3 x Men-at-arms (fierce & impetuous)
2 x crossbows
1 x archers (powerful) - Scots Archers
2 Mounted Knights (fierce, impetuous and powerful)
2 Foot Knights (resolute)

Jarkko's English
Lord D6+2
5 x Archers (powerful)
2 x Foot knights (resolute)
1 x Mounted Knights
1 x Mounted Borderers (skirmish)

Jarkko rolled 'Find The Prize', each terrain piece has a counter on it, on a roll of 6 it's some treasure or holy relic. In this case, it was St Francis's Mother's Fingernail! Jarkko chose three hills, as he was providing the terrain, I chose a village, a road and a marsh (technically illegal in this scenario, but since Jarkko had already brought them, how could I refuse)! However, two of the three hill…

On rules-Musings of Chairman Meow

Warning, no figures or pictures will appear in this thread...

As a wargamer of 33 years, and I started when I was 11, I have been through many phases and crazes. I have never been a single ruleset type of guy, one year I counted that I had played 28 rule sets, some are good, some not so.
So, this post is to consider moving forwards. At the moment, I am enjoying the following systems:

MeG (Mortiem et Gloriam) by Simon Hall. This, after maybe 20 years off, has brought me back into Ancients in a way I was not expecting. I have painted Later Imperial Romans and Picts, I am part way through Mid-Republican/Polybian Romans, and my mind is wandering into the chariot/biblical period too. The rules are fast, fun and most importantly feel right. Several good MKWS friends play, and it produces some great results. I ended up as a late beta play tester, somehow, and have enjoyed seeing the game mature into a well thought out system. I often say I don't want to be a competition gamer, but, actual…

Sea Peoples by Newline Miniatures

Commission for my friend Graham,
Newline Sea Peoples, the shields were, I admit, a nightmare. They had three repaints.

Ox Carts and crews


Swordsmen, with dodgy shields!

 And the repainted, repainted shields...

This is apparently the start of a longer project too! 😎

Fleets for 'Poseidon's Warriors'

Tumbling Dice Roman Fleet.
12 quinquereme, 2 trireme (that will be later be upgraded to a full squadron of five), and a pair of 'Sixes' to act as flagships. Each base is colour coded by squadron, with the ship's class and faction (represented by my badly drawn Eagles). I used Baggage Train Shield transfers on the sails to jazz them up a bit. I mounted the ships on 20x40mm mdf bases (from Minibitz), then sculpted the bases with milliputt to look like a fleet in motion.

The fleet

Excuse the poorly drawn Eagles!
The Triremes and two squadrons of quinqueremes.

 The 'sixes' which serve individually as flagships.
Hopefully, now my interest is up, I will crack on with the Carthaginians soon too! Honest! 😉