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Funky Skull Games - Street Wars NYC

First gang member - there will be more

Second game of Poseidon’s Warriors

Hi all!
Thursday night saw John and I have our second go at Poseidon’s Warriors, galley combat in the Ancients period.
Same fleets as last time, John went for Romans, so I got Carthage, except I took elite marines on my triremes rather than a commander. Pete very kindly lent us his new sea cloth again.

The fleets deploy, I went wide, and John tried massing his galleys around his flagship.

John's forces split, I have 8 galleys to his 5 triremes.
My fleet (how do you rotate these things)

First clashes on the left flanks, my hits were telling.

Short, brutal, and the Carthaginians were up

And the main clash is about to happen. A small force attempting to pin John frontally, while my elite quinquiremarines and quadremes attempt to flank John's solid box of galleys.

The main crash, will I get the left in in time.

Initial losses were 2-8 to me, this wouldn't stay like this...

In the centre, we were massively out classed, and kept missing! There would be a lot of driftwood.
With t…

15mm MeG generals for a commision

A friend asked for some generals for MeG, he already has an extensive figure collection, so he didn't mind an 'eclectic mix'.
A quick search later and we had our quarry!

He always complains his generals are drunk, so...

Essex generic eastern general with tent

Tibetan tent, after a fall out with the locals (Head from Lurkio)

Antigones on his panequain

Hunnic general with heads (all Lurkio)

Meg Dark Ages Scots vs Vikings

Last weekend I had the pleasure of playing MeG at Wolvercote Hall in Oxford, run by the amazing Alasdair Harley. The theme was Dark Ages AD500-1100, Western Europe.
It was a very last minute decision to go, so I grabbed whatever army I could cobble together, and I ended up with Early Medieval Scots, with Galwegian and Viking Allies.

The keen eyed amounst you will notice this is a suboptimal army, but it does have Vikings led by Stoick The Vast!
Which meant he could bring Hiccup and Toothless (a pretty fair description of my army tbh)!
Yes, two allies! And one was mediocre!
So was the army, so was the guy running it! By 3/4 of an hour into game 3 I conceded and came a solid last on 14 points in total. Breton cavalry were completely out playing me, I had a brain melt and let Lance play someone else for fun!

Anyway, game 1 was against my old sparing partner, Nigel Emsen.
He had brought an army of Vikings, tooled up with maximum Housecarls and lots of Bondir, plus two units of protected b…