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Dave's 6mm Napoleonic Austrian Uhlans

 Commission for another friend, some 6mm Austrian lancers, all four units that were ever fielded in the Napoleonic Wars. Dave will base them later.

Top view, not much to see really!

Front view

Hand painting Austrian flags, help!  Hypnotized Silly Nerd Hypnotized

Rear view


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6mm Spearhead WW2 British for Andi

Andi is an old, old friend, back from the days of DBM, so 1990s! He asked me to paint his airborne division for him, thankfully one brigade had already been done, but there are still plenty to do, and an armoured division, and an infantry division too. 2nd Airlanding Battalion done for Andi's airborne division. One more to do, then I need to finish the armour and infantry. Top view A. B, C & D Companies Top view A & B close up Side view C & D Companies Side view HQ and support stands Top view Pioneer stand worked well 1st Airlanding battalion done now. HQ elements. Face on. Top view A, B, C & D companies Must order some extra bases... Decent formation, now there's two more the same size to do. The whole formation, it's quite big I suppose. 24 bases, in Spearhead, of decent foot. Brigade HQ elements, because I could. Pointy bloke is in charge... With the Glider Piolt regiment in their tray. 2nd Para done. HQ 3rd Para Top view Recon HQ Support wea

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 A lovely chap cannot paint any more, so he has asked me to paint items to help finish his collection. Tom asked me to base up the last batch. Generals 28th and 33rd Ligne based up. Rear view The four Italian Regiments And another batch of figures for Tom Dismounted French Dragoons 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th Naples Sappeurs from Regiments 1- 7. With 1811 varients in rear of Regiments 1-3. These hae been Tom's dream project for years, and the research he did into them are unsurpassed. I hope I did them justice for him. Top view General Napoleon in 1796 Hussar in trouble (I fixed his nose after I spotted it on this shot) British mounted black sapper Black Royal Engineer Quite a nice figure   Been a while, as these kept getting bumped by time sensitive commissions. Trent miniatures General Humbert General Brune First Consul Napoleon 1796 Grenadiers of the French 28th and 33rd Ligne Grenadiers of Italy, from left to right, Guards, 1st Regt 1804, 1st Regt 1805, Lght Infa

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A while back Iain at Funky Skull Games / Flags of War ran a Kickstarter of his 1970s New York street gangs, Third completed gang, The Devil's Outcast - a gift from my old friend Clive, who wanted his own gang for street fighting (and will get used on Thursday). The Boss Rear of the gang showing patches Left Right There really is some lovely animation on these. The Warriors Had a LOT of fun researching these. (sold by Funky Skulls Games as 'The Braves') "Warriors, come out to plaaay!" Freehand painting their back patches was an evening's work too! I do like these, a LOT And if we are talking unsavoury nasty 1970s hyper violence, a Droog is needed. I bought in with the 'Ghetto Lords' gang, which I have painted up as an Black Aces faction, based on Black Spades Gang . " Can you diiiiiiiig it! Caaaaaaaaan youuuu diiiig it! " So here are the gang, ready to rumble. Went with a ruined urban feel, just like NY in the 70s Back vi