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Mortal Gods

Footsore recently released this rather fun game, based around 28mm skirmish fighting in ancient Greece. Tried it at Campaign, then got a set for my birthday from Manny and Rob at Boards and Swords.

Turns out Ray also has Mortal Gods! He asked me to paint his stuff, who was I to deny him?

Ray's Heavy Hoplites and heroes from the core set, plus a Medium Promachos because I like the figure, I bought it twice and this one is now Ray's.

The heavies, 4 bases of.

With their veteran at the fore.

As the core set is meant to b etwo faction, here are two sets of commanders, including the Polymachos.

Quite a meaty batch, veteran front and centre!
Now Ray's Athenians are done too. Light hoplites

Heay hoplites, the sun was casting some rather amazing shadows.

Adronikos, the Defender of Athens

The whole Lochos

Well, starting out with an army box, and knowing Ray's love of all things Spartan, I had to go with the feared heavywights of the Greek world.

The whole lochos.

Light spartans with their veteran.

I went for a much more uniformed appearence than mine.

The heavies, with their veteran and their leader, Meonas the Harvester

Meonas the Harvester to the fore

Quite like this lot, Athenians next, both mine and Ray's.
My Thespian hero, Polykratos of Thespis, Descended from Heroes - a Thespian Lochagos who will be one of my commanders. I painted him as a grizzled eteran, not really caring about his appearance, but whether he is dealing with the enemies. With him are two trophions.

Second batch which finished off my core box. Now onto Ray's three boxes!

Slingers, a base for each force.

Peltasts with hand painted shields (which you can probably tell)

Light spears (with one heavy to round out the batch who has featured previously)

The eigth 

Characters, some assembled from spare parts, others are Footsore metal and beautiful!

Converted musician and a Lochagos  (faction 2-i-C)

Medium Locagos

His armour was a fortuotous mistake!

Adrastos, Captain of the Lochos, I wanted his shield to look battle damaged as a veteran.

Veteran archer (think sniper)

Another self assembled Promachos. Leader of a force, maybe, as I have someone else on the way...

Been a while since I've assembled any plastics, but once I knew what I was doing, it went quite quickly.

First 15 Heavy hopilites for 'Mortal Gods', a rather fun skirmish game set in Greece.
You'll be seeing a lot more of these, I've got my own and a friend's commission to do.

How most wargamers see their armies...

Quite enjoyed these.


  1. Nice work Will, perhaps we can have a go at the game once things return to normal.


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