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1:3000 British and German reinforcements for Naval Thunder

More Mediterrainian flavoured ships added to the British fleet.
HMS Berwick with her huge hanger bay.

HMS Gloucester, HMS Manchester, HMS Southampton, HMS Liverpool, HMS Birmingham (that gives me 7 out of the 8 Southampton class cruisers, but they saw a lot of action in the med)

Quite a force, need extra storage for all these...

Top view

Black and white view, somewhat atmospheric.

HMS Newcastle

HMS Neptune - which means I own all the Leanders now...

Eight! G/H/I Class destroyers HMS Hunter, HMS Havock, HMS Hasty, HMS Hardy, HMS Hero, HMS Hyperion, HMS Ilex, HMS Hotspur

Two Flower class corvettes - HMS Rhododendron and HMS Hyderabad

Just to show how small these are, here they are next to HMS Newcastle

Another batch of British done.

HMS Martin and HMS Legion

HMS Royal Soveriegn

HMAS Sydney, HMAS Hobart and HMS Perth

HMNZS Leander
and HMS Orion

Told you so...

Davco, via Navy Models & Books, providing great service in these weird times.
First up, two venerable Town class destroyers (lend lease), HMS Montgomery and HMS St Albans, why those two, both because they are cool historic towns!

Four 'O' class Destroyers, HMS Onslow, Obdurate, Obiedient and Orwell, convoy escort at the Battle of the Barent's Sea (Achates and Bramble are lower down this post with the 'A' class destroyers).

Good looking ships.

Just to prove I do put their camoflague on!

Then the WW1 veteran, HMS Ramillies (spelt wrong on her label, ho hum), a Revenge class Battleship/super dreadnaught, that saw service in the Mediterrain and Indian Oceans.

She's a good looking ship, on her warped board!

Suspect she will also double as Royal Soverign soon...

HMS Dorsetshire in her '41 colour scheme. She sank teh Bismark, and then was sunk by the Japenese. SHe's longer than Ramillies by about 10m!

A blurry beam on.

She's another good looker.

Flotilla escourts the big boys out.

I started this next batch on a Saturday, so not too bad really. May 1941 was a pretty dull month for ship colours, but an exciting month for action, but a tragic waste of lives.

Bismark in late May 1941 markings (she was repainted from her infamous dazzle scheme as she sortied, this is her Battle of Danemark Straights scheme, and before she was sunk she was in the middle of painting her turret tops yellow for air recognition)

The pride of the British fleet, and an awful loss, HMS Hood

HMS King George V and HMS Prince of Wales (1941 colours)

HMS Cossack and HMS Eskimo - Tribal Class Destroyers

WWI vintage, but refitted in the 1930s, HMS Vega and HMS Wolsey, V&W Class Destroyers

Not British, but to scale.
After removing 3 or 4mm blobs of enamal paint, then dishwashing her, I repainted and rebased Altmark, one of the more infamous ships of the German fleet.

Hipper class cruisers Prinz Eugen and Hipper.
All part of that job lot really...

After our last few games, I realised that I was short of some British ships, mostly the small stuff, and the BIG stuff.

HMS Lion and HMS Rodney

Two more biggies, one of which was never built, but was part of an e-bay job lot!

Two of the big guys. Warspite and Malaya.

So, I found some Ebay bits, and these are the first few I finished.
Fulfilling the big stuff criterion, HMS Renown. Battlecruiser and a heavy, fast, hitter. Useful in many scenarios in Naval Thunder.

And at the other end of the scale, six Bangor class minesweepers, HMS Bangor, Rye, Hythe, Blackpool, Tenby and Clacton. Do they even have stats?

A & B class destroyers, HMS Achates, HMS Antelope, HMS Beagle

And some slightly more modern M class destroyers, mostly for North Cape. Matchless, Musketeer and Milne.

Leading out the Renown.


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