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Ray's Rebased Figures, 15mm MeG units.

A rebase of a rebase of Ray's Polish cavalry.



Light horse


Latest units for Ray, 16 Macedonian pike bases rebased (again, I take no credit for the painitng).
 Appear to be Essex...

Two more sets of units done for Ray, all in an Ancient Greek theme.

120 Spartans (Ray probably has the other 180 at home)

Lots of spears

Regular red cloaks! 

30 bases of other hoplites

Big Batch done, which finishes the two boxes I was given to work on in November (next box still to do)

Tartar light horse (with a couple of medium cavalry thrown in)

I ended up playing with the shadows today.

Sassanid Light horse

Four stands of billmen

21 nstands of dismounted knight (why 21)!

Found 4 more stands of Saxons and a general that I repainted and rebased for Ray

And 4 stands of Huns got the treatment too! :D I'm unlikey to ever need them again!

5 generals

And they all fit EXACTLY into an A4 box!!!

The knight on the previous post was lonely, so here are 18 more bases to keep them company! Again, I can claim no glory for the painting, only the rebasing!

A few close ups of units.

Heavy metal man!

7 more bases done.
Why 7, because there were 6 pikes, and I had enough putty left to do one more, so knight it was!

 Been a busy time on the rebasing.  8-} :-B Moving into more medieval themed stuff now.

 25 bases of archers

14 bases of crossbows

4 skirmishers

Plus 9 bases of my old Saxon's I've 'donated' as I'm not using them, repainted and rebased

And three dark aged skirmishers I missed

 More bases done, but my camera is in a sulk! Hence the blurs, honest!
Grr, blurs...



Not 3 bad!

Finally, tufts have arrived, so got more of Ray's lovely figures rebased. I can take no credit for the original painting, just rebasing.

Yeah, I was waiting quite a while for tufts... 

Two heavier cavalry


And Ray had enough spare Poles to make another unit!

More of Rays bits done. Mostly light foot and cavalry - painting is not mine, only the basing!
Light foot

Light horse

Another batch done, more Poles (again, I claim no credit for the painting, only the bases)

 A general, generally...

 Heavy cavalry

Next batch of Ray's rebasing (please note, I claim no credit for any of the lovely painting on the figures).

Desert bases first.


Warriors and camel riders

Heavy cavalry, archers and lancers


Light horse, suspect they should be eastern, whoops!

Marsh bases
Starting with peasantry.

 A (blurry) overhead shot to show the puddles!


Eastern types on plains bases.
Early Poles (Alasdair, are they yours?)

Mixed (flexible) units of heavies and light hunnic/slavic/cossack skirmisher types.
 Moving so fast they blurred.

Extras for Ray. Essex 15mm Mounted crossbows

 Couple of extras

Ray asked me to rebase a few figures...
I said yes.
The few arrived...
Now, a few in Shropshire, the land I grew up in, is more than a couple, less than half a dozen...
Technically correct if we are counting in hundreds, this was a big job, but great fun.
Ray asked for a swampy or marsh based feel to his troop, so I decided to try something a step on from my usual basing technique. 
I sculpted milliput  craters, which when dried, filled with Vallejo Still Water for the puddles. I've had this for yonks and never really used it, so Muddy puddles it was. 
This took a day,  as each base got a hand sculpted, which I then painted, and added water effect, which also takes 24 hours to dry. 
This was before the usual sand/pva mixtures, ink wash, paint dry brush, highlight, edged, sealed with more pva/water, flocked, shrubs and tufts then added. Each of these stages combined takes ages (pva needs a good 24 hours to dry by itself), I was worried I was going to get them done in time. They arrived on the 15th, went home in the post today.

They arrive.

Soaking the old bases off. It was washed before next pizza was cooked.

Midway through process of mounting onto mdf bases. I had to replace a few spears.

There was rather a lot of them. The big base is a camp for my 10mm Sassanids.

Milliputt mid sculpt, with a few Olmecs in the background.

Sculpted with sand and pva.

Bases inked, painted, edged, and highlighted.

Flock applied.

Ray will do his own flags. The result is 64 bases and 2 generals. 8 TuGs in MeG speak.

Generals and a few bases.

The other half.

Got a bit close here, but gives you the effect.

A much better shot.

Very satisfied with these, hope Ray is too!


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Cheeky top view

Unit at full strength with the stand I painted previously


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Certainly look menacing

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