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Magister Militum Mitanni

10mm Mitanni, all now finished.
A little favoured state in Wargames, wedged between the Hitties, Asyrians and Egypt, one of the first nations to use chariotry en masse under a feudal system, and under MeG quite tasty with skilled bow chariotry, and lots of it! Some is even superior too!

Found my missing chariot that was going into my camp, so here it is!

REME anyone?

Ohh, that will cost ya!

Chariot on its own.

It is now safely glued on.

Here, after a good few months off this project, it the army completely finished. All figures are Magistar Militum, and I've had some fun painting these.

One elite chariot that had escaped last time, taking my elite count to 16.

Six extra vassal chariots. Average chariots to all the MeG fans out there...

Drive by shooting?

'Line' chariots, as good as the vassals, but different crews.

Well, not all are as good I guess! 

Making up a TuG

Generals, you can tell, they have accompanying foot figures.

At present, this unit of  Alik ilki spearmen is surplus to requirements, but if the threatened point reduction for bows appears in the new year, they might well become a viable unit choice again!

Side view, so that you might see the might of the integral archers!

At Mark's suggestion, my camp, a REME workshop, with bar!  The Mitanni can have average fortified camps, usually quite an expensive proposition, but as I have already maxed out on chariots, I thought, well, why not?

Quite happy with how this came out. I will put a chariot on the ramp as some point soon.

A close up of the bar, which Mark insisted should be there, drinkers are modified horn blowers, some figures came from Graham's spares that I had painted for him, some from mine.

The whole batch. Due to chariots being multipart models (two horses, two crew, three part chariot) it felt like a lot more painting than it actually was.

Ignore the spare Wingerd Hussars and steamroller, but this is the whole army, fits neatly into two Tiger Cub deep file cases.

All ready for Warfare, in November! Eek!

2nd batch
9 more elite chariots

And two as they go past...

Either Aweluti qashati archers or Alik ilki archers

Extra Shukituhli

Alik ilki spearmen

Here’s the start of my take on them,

Elite Chariots

Vassels and Line Chariots


 Shukituhli - spear armed protected bows



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