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28mm rebasing of Ghaznavids, Almoravid/Almohads and added unit of Dailami for Mortem et Gloriam

Many, many years ago, on a stormy (or maybe frosty, probabaly just rainy) while playing WhAB up at Milton Keynes, a man walked into the club, plonking two or three old fashioned LARGE toolboxes on a table and declaring "I dodn't need these any more!" and walking out. One of our clubmates followed him out, and asked whether he wanted anything for them, he firmly declared no, and left. Never to be seen again!

We divied out the boxes, and as we were building armies for the 'El Cid' suppliment, a quick roll-off on a d6 each, I got the last choice of an Arabic type army, which on further investigtion, turned out to be Ghaznavid.
So, a quick order to Gripping Beast bought some Black Guard, generals/characters and standard bearers andmusicians. Then I rebased them for WhAB and used them for Almoravid/Almohads.

Many moons later, I rebased them again for MeG is 28mm as we are practising the Magna varient (and if you read my last battle report, without much success.).

Reading through the Ghaznavid list, I needed Dai Lami (the famous Welsh Bhuddist) unit. Quick order to Footsore and Little Big Man for sheld transfers. I had six figures, so eight extras needed paintsing (and some repainting so it matched my style).

Suspect Essex swordsmen and a few Gripping Beasts bulk out, with at least one GW figure too!

Top view

Flexible, so front rank close order, back rank as loose.

Allowing you to switch formations

Like this!

CinC, lost his sword somewhere!

Edging choice was deliberate at the time, but I might go back and paint it

Armoured nellies, there are more of these to come, at least six, plus generals

No credit to me on the painting here

Iranian/Kurdish lancers

Charge - suspect these are minifigs?

Flexible cavalry (hence the twos and threes)


Heavy lancers

Could possibly also be Sassanids?

Skirmishing archers

Elephant escorts

Archers that did so badly!


Spears with archer figure on each back rank to show 'integral shooters'

Some with double drummers, as a reminder that they used to get the bonus for this in WhAB

Black Guard

Again, with enough bases to either be flexible or close order

Foot generals

Top view


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