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AWI forces for Lee - 10mm Pendraken

Lee asked me to paint up extra forces for his AWI collection so he can also play 'Live Free or Die'.

British 'line' infantry units. Took me a while, as I had a crisis of 'ohhh shiney' and painted three other things before I got to the cuff lace stripe painting stage!

Six units of five bases, and because I miscounted, one extra base!

Lots and lots of 'em!

For ease of viewing, half batches...
Two blue faced units and a white

Top down

Quick, stand still

About face

Back view

Two yellow facing units and The Buffs

Player's view

Top view

Get 'em lads!

Oi! You! Turn with the others!

The greens (there are green grenadiers and will be green light infantry, which can be combined into a rather understrength units)

He went thataway!
You may refer to me as: Your Grace, Duke Speedy of Leighton.

Started with British and their grenadiers - all different facings as they were consolidated from units in theatre.

Top-ish view


Back view

Main British infantry units not far off being done too.


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