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Mortem et Gloriam 28mm Magna - Late Republican Romans vs Alecxandrian Macedonians

 JC vs Alex, yes please!

Mark asked to do a Rollcall practise, as he has been busy prepping his Alexandrian Macedonian and for me, any excuse to drag out my Caesarian Romans. 7000 points is not the industry standard at 28mm, a 1000 lower than 2023, but this actually plays in my favour, as I only lose a unit of 6 Gauls, which are now fours, no longer de charge, but short spear charge only jav, interesting and my Scutarii are now 4s too. We both ahd such elite forces that we broke on 4 dead units!

Alexander after a certain date auto-attacks (that's a change in the lists that snuck through), so Alex had the drop on the terrain choices, and we ended up on a featureless plain. Did not matter, I kept three reds from my nine scouting cards!  I get 140%, Mark gets 50%. I put my feet up for five minutes as Mark deployed all bar one of his units.

We did both opt for a terrain piece each, which had NO effect on the game at all. Mark stacked his pikes (one of which was superior, in the centre while his cavalry (included downgraded to superior agema) took the flanks, as is traditional. On my left were my Numidian cavalry and my recently gifted celtic light horse (Gareth, they are beautiful, thank you). On my right, an average legion and a superior were stacked behind each other purely because I mismeasured my deployment space and could not have deployed the rear unit legally. Thankfull, being drilled means they are super mobile and don't need many cards to get where I wanted them! My Gauls and Spaniards sit to their left, and then a wall of legionaries with my second superior unit and my exceptionals firmly in the centre. Yes, my camp is a copy of The Gallic War, which is almost exactly a camp size, average, fortified, come and get it!

Straight away I espied an easy kill, with the Pomeronii flexible lancers in skirmish, my Gallic light horse with cantabrian swooped in and on skilled shooting, one base at short range, unleashed greens and yellows on him, killing a base and a half in one shot!

My superiors on the left met a general supported companion regiment, and despite teh initial lancer clash, cane out slightly ahed. My exceptionals vvs 6 superior pikes were having a tough time, while average legions to their right were suffering badly against the numerically superior, but just as good, pikes of the Macedonians. The death of Polio!

It was a cagy game, lots of over thinking by both of us, and the battle was joined all the way along the line! My Gauls and Spaniards sensibly waited back on teh right for the legions to get involved, thankfully the six of archers was not hurting them too badly.

Pomeronii die under a hail of Gallic javelin fire (2-0). leaving the backfield open.

Mark's dead pile! My superior legion polishes off the lancers (4-0), the Numidians watch on gleefully.

In the centre, my X legion holds on by its fingertips, as do two average legions under the generalship of Marcus Antonius, an able ally who are struggling against the pikes (4-0).

On the right, Mark's Greek cavalry charges and retires, then charges again only to be met by both the legion and the Gauls. His elite agema, powered by Alexander himself, crashes into a superior legion, and actually comes off the worse! Down to two bases, it beats the retreat.

One of my average legions disintegrates under the weight of the pike phalanx (4-2), and we played through one more round of combat, as my gallic cavalry shot a skirmisher unit to pieces (5-2)

We established that if we had played on, my blue legion would have tracked down and killed the Agema, the Greek cavalry would have been worn down, but my three average legions would have collapsed too, giving Mark a well deserved 8-15 win. Great game, really made us both think hard 

We are both off to redraft our lists and try again next week.


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