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Renatio et Gloriam, Renaissance, 10mm Uesegui kinshen vs 15mm Venitian Holy League

 Do what?

Well, this weekend it's Burton wargames show, and I decided a while back to support the ReG crowd a bit more (and especially as I sort-of-enjoyed-Derby-too-much). The theme is anything early, but east of the Baltic. That's a lot of the world to chose from, so what did I choose?

With my Senguko samurai being moved off the major comneptative MeG lists, the army needed to do something, so why not field it as their actual historical clan, in period? All those years ago I had started them as clan Uesegui, time to use them properly as ReG has a dedicated list. I know, weird right!

Neil very kindly offered to give me a trial game, as this will only be my second ReG tournement, and I have a heck of a lot of new characteristics to try out in both the troops and the army. He brought along Venitians on the condition that they did not do too well otheerwise he might have to buy and paint the army. Difficult as Neil is a REALLY good player, a great painter and an all-round nice bloke, and usually trounces me!

The table fell to me and I picked forest, just because I knew what it did after playing the War Doctor at Derby, if you get a wood, it can go right up against the forest, tasty. Unfortunatley, none did! Neil has 'Littorial' literally, and that means if you hit a water square you stay in the water. So, yup, we hit deep water. A forest fell left, a village (I forgot my Samurai buildings, so Leipzig it was), centre, and on the right, usefully masking any Venitian galleys that might bombard me from seawards, a wood and a hill and some fields (under Neil's playsheet). Tonight's treat, thanks to Neil, was sport's mix, not had them in ages. They're bigger and softer than they used to be.

Somehow, I outscouted the Venitians by 20% (not used to having two whole scouting cards, un der MeG I only ever got one), and my army deployed, then moved straight away as it has 'forced march' as a characteristic, meaning evverything gets a free move forwards. Scary when you also have fleet of foot giving you extra movement! This is the start of turn two, and it's all about to happen! On my left, advancing through the woods, a unit of Ronin, supported by arquibusiers faces down a unit of Neil's shot. To their right, three of my cavalry meet Neil's shooty cav and two sets of armoured knights.

Above the village three later keil's of Neil's lurked, along with a LOT of shooty foot lurking behind barricades. Nasty. Huge and hard units! Really nasty! My infantry centre faces two of them, lus artillery and several shooty foot units and to the right, more Venitian knights pour over the hill facing two units of my spears, one of which was superior, and another of Neil's beautiful shooty cavalry lurks by the wood.

Turn two and things really hot up! 

Neil's heavily armoured cavalry crash into my Samurai horse, while my Guard foot meets a Keil.

On the right, shooty troops eye each other suspiciously over the fields, neither wanting to wander into range first. On the right, two units of Venitian knights meets an Ashugaru unit while the supporting superior Samurai, having driven off Neil's shooty horse, line up in support.

The action flowed thick and fast, Neil was turning one of his keils onto the flank of my guard in the centre (unfortunately, Sonae, or Japenese units, count as not having flanks). One of his keils has the task of pinning down one of my cavalry, who quite happily stepped away so they did not get charged, dragging him out of line. On the left, my Ronin care lumps out of Neil's shooters, while his cavalry, despite being better armoured, are not superior nor expert swordsmen like my Samurai horse actually puts me in a decent place. Very soon I am knocking lumps out of his horse too. To the right, Neil's knights are coming off worse against my ashugaru.

The Ronin, despite taking some losses, overwhelm the Venitian shooty foot, and carve their way through (2-0). My arquibusiers are definitely coming off worst against Neil's better shooting cavalry, losing bases quickly.

In the centre, I realise that although my general's bodyguard are taking losses, the 9 of them are facing down 24 pike bases, and winning!

To the right, my Samurai join in the fun, all of Neil's knightly units here are one hit away from breaking, whereas I have a long way to go.

Joining his handgunners, Neil's two left-most cavalry, break (6-0). This will force a trio of KaBs onto the supporting Venitian shooty horse! Three wounds (a base off) plus three yellow dice to throw wounds, not going to be a good day for the shooters. (8-0)

  Followed by the knights collapsing on the right, this led to rather emphatic 15-0 to the Samurai! Quite incredibly lucky really and I am sure it will not be as good in Burton this weekend! 

Good news for Neil though, he won't be buying this army! (Although, probably too late)


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