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10mm Great Northern War Swedish forces for a friend.

 First off, five tricorned infantry units, all based for ReG, MeG's renaissance spin-off for Lee.


Mixing Pendraken mk I and mkII flags, thanks Leon for sorting those

Top view

Back view

Told you they were Sodermanland! I labelled all the bases as although the units are ROUGHLY similar, they all have subtle differences (hat piping, leg colours, etc)


Top view, grenadiers are from the Pendraken Marlburian ranges

"What do you mean about face?"

Fresh off the blocks today, Upplanders

Eight loose shot, ten close pike for the visual effects.

I like the effect here

I'm not sure all units had grenadiers attached, certainly some were consolidated to assault parties. Lee decided he wanted them intergrated into units, so I enjoyed trying to find their mitre details, Uppland is one I definitely found and is correct.

The line fires.

Player's eye view


I really love their flags, very eye catching (mk 2, type II)

Again, as Lee sees them

Livgardet Tu Fot (oneof the world's longest active units)

Firing line detail

Pikes detail

How did that get there! Since removed

All five units

That's an A5 container filled already!


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