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Roger's Five Hegemon Chinese in 15mm for Mortem et Gloriam.

 What ho all!
Roger asked me to finish off his Chinese Five Hegemon army for Warfare (Chariot period theme). Roger basically rebuilt the ground floor (and drains)our house in 2020, so this was a small part of my eternal repayment.

Two units of heavy chariots - these are not 'regular' troops.

Big models


Can you spot where I might have got bored painting chariots?

And another four

Back view - one with Swiss diplomatic plates.

Give me my burning spear...

Then two units of regular 'Guard' chariots



Third unit of four,

Uniform details

Moving so fast they were blurred.

Bird's eye view

The rest of the army was a case of rebasing to match the new units, highlighting the flesh, and sorting out weapon and armour.

His spears and halbardiers

Top view


Top down

Skirmishers (only swords and armour repainted here)

Top view

Roger's generals, liked these, just needed flesh and bronze.

The Emperor looks serine

Bottom layer of the box

Top layer, including a compartment stuffed full of spare crew figures.

Now just hope I don't meet them at the weekend!


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