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28mm Commission - 54mm Hinton Hunt based up.

 A lovely chap cannot paint any more, so he has asked me to paint items to help finish his collection.

More of Tom's 54mm (not 42 as previously advertised) based up. As ever, I claim no credit for these, except the bases. Bonus points awarded for correct identification of all units (points will be awarded to all those who send their entries on a stamped addressed enelope...).

The figures are fairly randoly picked by me at first, so if you see some that should not go together (like the Russian foot and French officer later), tough!

Told you...

Lancers with a friend


Back of them, note the chords (made of fine wire) on the bugle.

Different officers

Tom's detailing on these is so impressive

The drummers weigh a fair amount as those drums are solid metal!

The halbard is cool

Good mix here

Strong characters


These figures are just lovely

I did strenghten the sword after

The whip is so fine

Thos chap ended up on his own, hope he was not lonely.

Love the details, Tom has done an amazing job on these.

British foot

Again, check those chords on the trumpeteer!

Possibly, 60th foot and a guards officer

I think its 60th as 95th had different trousers?

I can claim a tiny piece of credit on this one, as the hat's headband, flagstaff and socks were not finished.

It's a great figure, the flag feels like (and sounds like) tin to give it stiffness, I'm sure I will be corrected.

Certain his head was here earlier...

More basing up for Tom. 54mm Napoleonics, mostly Hinton Hunt. I can claim no credit for the amazing painting on the figures themselves, which are truely magnificent.

Funny how the poses work out

Some uniform diversity here

The two on the left are paid less than the other two!


 Some heavies and gun crews

Back of them

Did not purposily group by colour, honest!

Looking good



I take NO credit what so ever for the amazing paint job Tom put in on these 54mm Hinton Hunt Hussar figures. My role in these is simply basing them up to show off their glory.

Where possible, I tried to save Tom's Hinton Hunt labels and reattach them to the display bases

They really are magnificent
Mixed bag for Tom this time, which finishes* off most of the 7YW for him.

Hungarians from Austrian forces

Back view

German Austrian units

Not sure what they are waiting for


He'll be along soon...

All four together

Russian Butyrskiy Infantry


Back side

Russian Grenadiers Guards

Back view

Off we go

Russian Observation Corps, Grenadiers on teh left, 3rd Musketeers on the right

It's a difficult advance

Like the motion on these

Storming something?

All the Russians

Swedish Älvsborgs Infantry

Eyes right

Heading off

*Finishes - a transatory adverb for wargamers and figure colectors, usually applies to the time between the batch being completed and the next 'ohhh shiny!' moment,
Another set for Tom, this time Seven Years War Prussians
3rd, 5th, 11th and 19th Musketeer Regiments

Looking splendid

Back view

18th, 25th and 30th Musketeers

That way please

Funky flags

Top view

30th, 32nd and 34th Musketeers

Another top view

To the left please

Going forwards

Now doing laps to the right!

35th, 35th, 40th, 42nd, 47th and 48th Fusilier Regiments

Top view

Some of the mitre colours were fun!

So were the flag colours to match while edging

The whole batch
Another batch for Tom, he's going for some interesting stuff now in the 7YW, and I really enjoyed these.
British Artificers

Lovely sculpts

Great animation on the left hand chap with the shovel

British Pioneers (one green, one yellow and one blue, as requested)

Although I have an urge to start singing 'Hi Ho!'

Great figures


17th Foot

To the right

Not sure the chap on the left has control of that pole!

Austrain Sappeurs and Engineer officer

It must be interesting, he's studiously ignoring the men! (Maybe he's been dumped?)

Prussian Pontineers and an Artillery officer/standard bearer

Off we trot!

Not sure what they are looking at, but they look good while they do it.

 Continuation of Tom's basing and adding flags to some of his work and the rest are figures I painted previously for him.

Chasseurs de Elbe

Yes, I did edge all the flags

Top down

La Marine and Royal Marine units (yes, I did get confused which was which)

I definately edged that flag yellow!

La Marche, Le Roussillion, Le Reine, Rouergue and Royal Barrois


Looking like an 80s album cover


From the top

Swiss Jenner and Garde Lorraine




Bretangne, Royal Comitois, Vierzet and Royal Vaisseaux


Where are we going?

A breezy day?

Complex designs

The whole batch

Not much elbow room here!

Another batch of Tom's figures, which the keen-eyed amoungst you will recognise as figures I have painted preiously. He cannot base up his or my work, and cannot cut straight, so these were returned to me to base up like the others and add the appropriate flags where needed. To be honest, it would have been an absolute joy, if Covid had not turned my brain to mush as I was trying to match flags to poles to bearers! Thankfully, that only lasted a couple of days, and I could happily get on with it after.

Colonial Compagnies de La Marine. Tom built the mound, I prettified it and added poles and flags.

They look splendid now.

Rear view

It's simple, but it works

Standards of the 23rd Foot

It's pretty breezy...

There's a nice sense of movement in this pair


14th foot

More life

Getting blown about a bit here...

"You got a good hold on yours?"

Grenadiers de France

Standards and bases really lift these

French Hussar based and standard added (I did not paint this one)

Budgie on a stick!

Buckley, Royal Comtois, Royal Pologne

A bit shaky, sorry

Royal Corse, Rouergue, Royal Ecosse and Royal Barrois

What's the hurry guys?

Make your minds up!

A whole batch of flags

A tangle waiting to happen!

The horse and cart

Could not resist the wheel ruts

The grenadier test piece from all those months ago

Where it all started

From above

Been a while due to other time pressed commissions, but some more of Tom's 28mm French are done.
First off, a set of Honour Guards.
L-R Back row: Marsellais, Vannes, Nancy, Calvedos
L-R Middle row: Nantes, Metz, Tarbes
L-R Front Row: Strasbourg, Louviers

To be honest, I love this shot!

Front rank in focus

Top view

Some of the colour choices are 'interesting'!

Back view

Another good view

8em, 26em ey 27em Ligne

Again - one of those batches that just would not focus!

Side view

Back view (I did remove the flock after, how it got there I don't know).

Fuisilier Chasseur and Fusilier Grenadier of the Middle Guard

This way...

That way

Off they go...

Prussian Landwher and Bavarian  Pioneers




The next batch of Tom's sappeurs, only 14 this time.

Top view

Garde d'honneur de Paris, 1st Regt (left, 1806 & 1809), 2nd Regt (right, 1806 & 1809)   

Going that way

And away

and back again!

10em, 15rm et 17em light infantry.

10th looks perticularly menacing!

Off we jolly well...

Four regiment 'Etage, from L -> R
Isembourg, d'Auvergene, Irelandes, Prusse

A blurry one, sorry

Yes, the Irish had a yellow top...

Pretty though, it's like a boy band's dance moves!

Another blur, sorry! Neuchatel

Lastly, for this batch, Garde d'Honneur de Nantes et Lyon

Pink is such a strong colour choice, it's only in the C20th it became a 'girls' colour!

Next batch for Tom
Kingdom of Naples - Real Corse Regiment - 1st Regiment - versions 1 (1806) & 2, (1813), 2nd Regiment, 3rd Regiment, 4th Regiment.

Going that way

Rear view

Going t'other way

Kingdom of Naples - Guard Grenadiers Voltigers and Velites (1813)


Kingdom of Naples (1811-1814) - Regiment 4, 5, 6, 7 (version 1), 7 (version 2), 8, 9

Off somewhere?

Back view

Back again?

The whole batch

Top view

 Tom asked me to base up the last batch.


28th and 33rd Ligne based up.

Rear view

The four Italian Regiments

And another batch of figures for Tom

Dismounted French Dragoons
1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th

Naples Sappeurs from Regiments 1- 7. With 1811 varients in rear of Regiments 1-3. These hae been Tom's dream project for years, and the research he did into them are unsurpassed. I hope I did them justice for him.

Top view

General Napoleon in 1796

Hussar in trouble (I fixed his nose after I spotted it on this shot)

British mounted black sapper

Black Royal Engineer

Quite a nice figure


Been a while, as these kept getting bumped by time sensitive commissions.

Trent miniatures General Humbert

General Brune

First Consul Napoleon 1796

Grenadiers of the French 28th and 33rd Ligne

Grenadiers of Italy, from left to right, Guards, 1st Regt 1804, 1st Regt 1805, Lght Infantry

Tom has finally let me loose on one of his Neapolitan Sappers.
I hope I have done the first test piece justice.

Rear view (I've sorted out that axe handle since taking that photo)

Top view

Eight more standard bearers
Front L -> R: La Reine, La Marche, Royal Marine, Royal Barrois
Rear L->R: Rouergue, La Marine, Royal Roussilion, Navarre

A supply wagon

Not sure what it's supplying!


Six more 28mm done for Tom.

L -> R: Bukeley, Royal Ecosse, Royal Corse, Royal Pologne, (rear rank) Jenner, Vierget

Top view

Off we go...

Back view

Back they go again!

Next set done,
French 7YW standard bearers. Fron left to right: Royal Vaisseux, Grenadier de France, Royal Comtois, Garde Lorraine, Bretagne, another Grenadier de France, Royal Cantabres (should be in beret, but this is what Tom wanted) 

Tom will add his standards and poles later

Napoleonic French 1st Hussars


And a couple of Gabions
This time some Standard Bearers - Tom will add his own flags and poles.
Garde Francaises

Colonial Compagnies de La Marine

The British
14th Foot

23rd Foot

40mm French officer done.

Horse has worked well

Rear view

Back to 28mm

Vive l'Emperor!

Old Guard (the client will add his own standard later

Rear view

Follow the leader

It will be a vingnette, something like this, but better!

Two more figures done, a colonel and an interesting infantry type.

Quite pleased how these came out.

First on the block are 9 fanion bearers for his Napoleonics, hopefully I have done them justice.

What video does this remind me of???


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