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AVBCW - my Gang in progress

"How was the shoot, sir?"
"Poor, I only bagged three Albertines, two BUFs and I winged the rector of St. Agnes's"
"Known fascist sympathiser, a pity sir."
"Who was the military chap treading of the dear Aunt's nasturtiums?"
"That sir, would be Leutenant-Colonel Niles Fergason-Massey, known downstairs as Lt-Col NFM."
"Worth recruiting to the cause?"

"Retired without any active service sir, not for the lack of trying. Commissioned 12th November 1918, first posting saw his ship sink on the way to Murmansk, but did spend six months gutting herring on the Faroes to pay for transport home. Then was arrested in Bulgaria for carrying the wrong papers while trying to get to the Crimea, even passing our troops had left, so never saw Russia. Then was due to join a unit of the Indian Army in the Hindu Kush, but caught beri-beri at Chatam Docks waiting for transportation. The unit deserted en masse rather than fight the local tribes while he took a commecial steamer to India, leaving him without a command, they also burned all the offical paperwork, leaving him without identification, and then he was charged with desertion with the rest of the unit. Had to spend a year being a tea porter in Bombey until his was found innocent and his rank was reinstated."

"After that, he went from unit to unit, but within months of joining, they were all disbanded."
"Maybe best the other side recruits him then?"

"He was basically promoted to get him out of service, as he became something of a bad luck omen!"

"NFM is also rather unkind military parlance for someone who has achieved rank without decoration!"
"Quite an achievement..."
"Indeed sir."

" Not quite the air support we wanted."
Salute 2021 figure,  very useful chap. 

Messenger boy or passer-by?

Either way, will get used.

 Bertie and Butler from Footsore Miniatures.

(With apologies to the Wodehouse estate)
"Ahem, sir. A telegram has arrived."
The gentle voice right behind me, with its syruped tones, told me of the presence of Jeeves. While I returned my skeleton to its skin, I pondered quite how he could had covered 100 yards of open ground before appearing directly behind me while my back was against a tree, but his cat-like movements were beyond my imagination.
"It is from Aunt Agatha sir."
"Be a good man and read it for me, I am trying to work out a tricky shot here." I intoned.

"I have already taken the liberty of doing so. She is insistent we depart for Steeple Bumpleigh, post haste."
We were not due to arrive in the draughty old mansion where the Ice Maiden turned even the most modern heating into a frost before the 27th, and I am sure Jeeves was well-aware of this. "Old chap, what could the old dragon want with us in such a hurry?"

"I am afraid she intonates that Roderick Spode is causing ructions in the area, and she would like your assistance to remove him and his support before they cause any more upset. She believes you have certain 'skills' and ‘contacts’ that will cause him to move on quickly."
I suspect that my man could see from the look on my face that this was going to be an upsetting encounter, ‘the amateur dictator’ and his dozen or so dim-witted Black Shorts were trying to bully their way to power and were going about it much like a Year 4 would attempt to win over the Upper Sixth common room.

“She does mention a possible increase in your allowance sir. Shall I inform Mr Shelby of your invitation too? He still has considerable sway in the area, and I believe we are in good stead after that incident in that club in Mayfair.”
This was far more like it, I felt a sense of warm comfort, much like one of cook’s puddings with extra custard, at the thought of extra spends and the presence of the Honourable Member for Small Heath being present. I looked up from my next shot to smile, “Better pack the car quickly then my good man.”
“I have taken the liberty of doing so already sir,” Quite how he knew to do this was one of his exceptional abilities, “I have also packed the Thompson, the Vickers and the Under-and-Over Beretta and our tin hats.”
“The Beretta is a bit unsporting for out-of-town use, it is banned by the Geneva Convention after all.”
“Indeed sir, I will leave it with Mr Fink-Nottle. Also, may I suggest, given the lie and the terrain, you switch from the five iron to either your putter or a sand wedge?” I took the proffered implement.
“Indeed sir, as your assailant is no more, shall we depart?”
More transport for the Shelby family, thanks to Mort for the die cast lorry that I repainted.

He is meant to be a Sci-Fi time traveller from Tangent Miniatures, but then he fits in perfectly as a non-combatant young toff/target/victim for AVBCW.

Tommy has called in a favour from the Singer Works opposite the BSA factory in Small Heath. Two ladies from the Singer Defense Committe, Hilda and Helga. Both wear Soviet inspired uniforms.
Hilda is the Staffordshire champion target shooter...
Helga is just hard! Figures from Bad Squiddo

The foot sloggers are here at last.
Sloppy Jaloppy miners converted to Peaky Blinders.
 The BSA Workers Militia.  
Lewis gun team, remember that one that went missing at the end of Series I? 

Shotgun armed Blinders.


Another view of the rifles.

A dynamite bomber and a watchman, scarf painted in Birmingham City colours as Small Heath is where City was founded (plus it annoys Pete, an Aston Villa fan).

Looking good.

This one is meant to be a standard bearer, but there are times a cricket bat is more useful. 

The Blinders standard, showing their allegence to the Labour movement.

Small Heath BSA Workers Militia, sounds very noble.

 The paymaster is revealed, not really Socialist, more... opportunist. Credit to Pete Barfield for the amazing flag! Thanks mate!

Reinforcements have arrived. I only muddied up the Bughatti, the rest I have converted.

Including Aberama Gold


Here's the work in progress so you can see how I changed them.

Aberama had hair and 'tasche added!

Chigago Gangster had his hat removed and a 'Paper Boy' added.

Berets removed, and paper boys added to the yuffs.

After Wednesday's game, my figures arrived on Thursday, and here they are painted!

So, I ordered these four from eBay, looking good, but needed a little conversion.

An ideal Arthur, needs a haircut

A moll, that will be Aunt Poll(y)

Finn, Michael or John, bit flashy really, but I like the figure.

Although I did find this rather dapper chap in the Milton Keynes Lego store! 

So, I had to trim his hair down at the side for the classic Peaky Blinders undercut.

Same for Fynn.

And a rebuild of his ear (oops).

Polly just needed her fringe adding.

Tommy needed his flat cap hat changing to a 'paper boy'.

And finished. Arthur Shelby

Tommy, with ministerial aspirations

"Who the bloody hell let Polly have a cannon!"

Fynn, in adventurous mood.

The gang.


  1. Work work there Will and the effort pays off.

  2. Isn't VBCW a bit early for Polly to have a Sten gun? ;)
    And why, why, why do so many sculptors have people holding Sten guns by the magazine? That's the best way to cause misfeeds and jams.

    Cracking little gang, Will.

    1. She has access to the BSA R&D department!!! You going to argue with her!


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